Beryl Was a Nice Little Rain Event

Beryl was a nice little rain event that we desperately needed to quell all the fires springing up in the area. The rain previously had been falling to the south of us and to the north of us but none here! Thank you, Beryl!

Yesterday evening my storm preparations were complete, which means I hadn’t made any beforehand and still hadn’t. It was just a tropical storm for goodness sakes! SwampMan mentioned that perhaps, if we needed to go to the store, we needed to go NOW before landfall. Considering that we were out of milk, I thought it might be a good idea, so we went and got some essential electrical-outage type storm supplies which consisted mostly of potato chips, boiled peanuts, and some sandwich stuff that, if we didn’t eat it for emergency supplies, would be in SwampMan’s lunch bag next week.

I ran into one of SwampSon’s high school friends at the store. He told me that people were going completely apeshit over the incoming storm. “Really?” I asked in surprise, because I had seen no evidence of apeshitting going on. The parking lot was nearly deserted except for the Florida Power and Light trucks that were prepositioned strategically in front of a BBQ restaurant. It would make me feel all good about my electrical service being speedily returned as soon as they finished the rib special in the event of an outage except that I’m not on FPL.

“Yeah! Go look for some water. There isn’t any!” Hunh. I hadn’t been down the water aisle on account of not worrying about water and, since there were plenty of tater chips, I was unaware that there had been any people in buying supplies earlier at all.

“Well, it’s a good thing I’m not going to buy water, then!” I said. “I don’t understand why people go out and buy freakin’ water when they can just fill up some pots outta the tap, maybe freeze a few gallons of water in a plastic bag in the freezer and, if there’s no electricity, it can help keep the frozen foods cold and, as it thaws, provide ice water!”

SwampSon’s friend laughed. “I’m not worried about water at all. I’ve got an artesian well!” Hmmmm. Good thing to remember for the Zombie Invasion.

I did make some storm preparations, I suppose. For example, I boiled four dozen eggs yesterday. “Four dozen eggs!” you’re probably saying. “Bitch, four dozen eggs is not preparation. Four dozen eggs puts you firmly inside what the fuck territory!” Well, perhaps you wouldn’t say that. I’ve been amusing myself by watching rap videos while it has been raining outside.

SwampMan has threatened to take my computer away on account of he doesn’t like my wasting time on trash like rap music videos with their pottymouth language. “Unh hunh. That’s a good way to get a cap up your ass, motherfucker!” I think. Homeboy needs to chill.

Anyway, I made some deviled eggs this morning, and I’m about to boil taters for the tater salad and will use about a dozen eggs in that. Puppy will get @ a dozen boiled eggs for breakfast, and I’ll put any that are left over in the fridge to grab on the way out the door for a quick breakfast or lunch at work, so boiling four dozen eggs isn’t as far out in WTF territory as you might think.

Mom’s electricity was off for about eight hours up there outside Folkston, Georgia. She said that there was a lot of damage from downed trees in some of the towns around her, but her place was just fine.

We don’t even have much in the way of mud puddles because the ground was so very dry. Mom said she didn’t even have puddles, but her place is sandier.


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  1. 1

    no2liberals said,

    Hard boiled egg puppy farts! 😯

    • 2

      swampie said,

      Hey, Puppy is an outside dog. What’s really nearly lethal is when he goes and raids an old nest and eats ROTTEN eggs. The resulting emanations are nearly visual.

  2. 3

    kcduffy said,

    Our power was out for awhile – while we were sleeping! The internet & cable didn’t come back on till around noon, but that’s MUCH better than it was for TS Faye, when they were out for 3 days!

    I need eggs…better send text to the woman who gets them, see if the chickens have been laying.

    My actual ‘storm prep’ was to make sure there’s half a tank of gas in all the trucks, plenty of Coke for me to drink, enough chips (do we sense a common thread here?), and I set up the percolator knowing if the power WASNT on, we could get out the hiking stove & have instant. Preparation makes things so much easier to deal with!

    • 4

      swampie said,

      The chickens probably laid that same egg about three times! (heh)

      Yeah, we had propane and did I mention lots of eggs? I haven’t laid in any storm supplies yet. Guess I orta.

      • 5

        kcduffy said,

        I refilled the water bottles a little bit ago. Plan to fill the gas can, too, in case we need the generator at some point in the future. How often can I leave it sit before it goes bad? Maybe I’ll just wait to do that till another one forms & seems heading this way…

      • 6

        swampie said,

        You have to add some stabilizers to gas, IIRC, to keep it in storage. I’ve got some non-stabilized gas that has been inside 5-gallon containers since last summer. Uhhhhh, I think I’ll let SwampMan put it in the lawnmower with maybe forgetting to mention how old it is to see what happens. I’ll let you know.

  3. 7

    louisecolette said,

    Thanks for a great laugh! Love this!

    • 8

      swampie said,

      Heh. Well, you realize the huge gulf between the outer me that bakes pies and bandages booboos and the inner me that would happily whack clueless people with a pool cue.

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