Blissful Solitude

SwampMan is finally off to Georgia. He would have been off to Georgia much, much sooner if he would have had clean underwear. When I was doing the laundry that he wanted done yesterday, I asked “But what about underwear and socks? You’re going to need clean underwear and socks, too!”

“Nah, I got plenty!” he assured me. “Just wash the jeans and shirts, and I’ll be fine. You can do the rest of the laundry later.” Ooooookay, then! I should have known. I made an early morning trip to Winn Dixie because I’d used my last onion, and how can I cook without onions? Not that I’m planning on cooking, mind you, but just in case of an emergency, by Gawd I want onions present.

I got back to the house expecting SwampMan to be dancing around impatiently, ready to take the truck and GO, but I was wrong. SwampMan was sitting at his computer looking at election results. “Uh, aren’t you ready to go?” I asked.

“Well, as it turns out, I DID need underwear and socks. If I woulda put them on last night after my shower, I woulda figured it out then.” Heh. Now, since he had no clean underwear (or socks), you KNOW that he didn’t pack up the rest of his stuff so that he would be completely ready to go once underwear got outta the dryer. Nope.

In the meantime, I was getting into a minor tizzy because this delay means that he’ll be driving through strong thunderstorms on the way up and that worries me. How will he possibly be able to make a four-hour drive without me saying things like “LOOK OUT!” and “I KNOW HE’S AN IDIOT BUT YOU CAN’T RUN INTO HIM!” all the way there? And in the pouring rain, too! “CALL ME when you get there!” I stated. He hugged me, and told me he’d call several times on the way. Good. I surreptitiously shooed a hen out of the back of his truck, and peeked under the tool box. There is a nest in there with 8 eggs. Heh. I can hardly wait until he finds it.

“And put on your seat belt!” I fussed. “I KNOW you’ll take it off as soon as you reach Hardee’s, but I’ll feel better just imagining you have it on.”

He grinned. “But I’m not going to Hardee’s!”

“Okay, fine. Chik-Fil-A, right?”

“Unh hunh!”

So, he’s now on the road, and here I am. Do not think for a moment that I am wringing my hands in loneliness. Nope. I’ve been happily taking out cleaning products and garbage bags, and this place is going to get a much needed scrubbing down, clearing out, and throwing away party. Woohooo!

But, looking at the sky, it appears as though I better take my butt outside and feed everybody because in a couple hours everything’s gonna be underwater again. *sigh* Once again, cleanliness is sidetracked by pragmatism.


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  1. 1

    kcduffy said,

    How long will he be gone? My housekeeping is horrendous since Duffy changed shifts. I can’t get used to doing housework while he’s at home during the day, and by the time he goes to work, I’m too tired to get started, most of the time.


  2. 2

    swampie said,

    Not long enough for me to clean the house, I’m afraid. I got lots of telephone calls today. My daughter, my mom, my husband, one of the neighbors, and a friend who wanted me to come to her place to soak in the hot tub and drink Margaritas.

    Have you ever noticed how much easier it is to talk over the phone to friends instead of doing what you should be doing? I turned down every single invitation to go shopping, eating, soaking, etc., in order to clean my house but I’ve been so busy telling people that I have to clean my house that I haven’t had time to actually clean my house.

    I expect that just as soon as I finish moving the furniture out of the tv room, I’ll have to run answer the phone because it is almost time for husband to be calling again.

    The animals, however, are all fed and happy. I think that should count for something, right?

  3. 3

    swampie said,

    DANG! I just happened to be getting up to leave the computer and was about to turn it off so I wouldn’t look at it as I went by, and there was a big ol’ typo right there in the title. D’OH!

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