Finding Lost Objects

I have found several lost objects today without even looking. For example, baseball hats. I’ll slap a baseball hat on my head to go outside in the rain, come back inside, need to go back out and then the cap would be *poof* gone. I was on my fourth hat when I came back inside today and, as I was coming in the door, I took it off my head and carelessly slung it on top of a shelf right alongside the other three. Oh. So THERE’s where I put them.

Same thing with the flashlights. I will take a flashlight out to check a sound at night and then, in the morning or when the electricity goes out, whichever comes first, not be able to find the flashlight again. I found several missing flashlights all on top of the same shelf right inside the door. By writing it down, perhaps I’ll remember where they are tomorrow. They’re under the hats.

The very best way for me to find my lost keys is to take my spare set and, when I get home, to pay attention to where I tossed them if I remember to think about it as they left my hand. There’s about a 99% chance that the missing pair of keys will be there. There’s also a 1% chance that they’ll be in the freezer or perhaps in the washing machine, but I like to go with the greatest probability.


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  1. 1

    kae said,

    If I don’t put my car keys in the same place every time I come inside after driving the car I can’t find them!

    • 2

      swampie said,

      Yep. I had a heckuva time with my car keys when I tossed the decrepit doodad that I used to hang them from! Finally I settled on one place and put them there automatically now.

  2. 3

    no2liberals said,

    I can’t relate.
    I lost one of my sunglasses, my favorite RayBans, eleven years ago and one generic ballpoint pen(taken) about 3 months ago. I just don’t lose or misplace things and don’t understand when folks do.

    • 4

      swampie said,

      Okay, then, Mr. Perfect, I’m gonna have to come over there and mess up your house so you can’t find nothin’!

      • 5

        no2liberals said,

        A…I repeat A place for everything, everything in its place.
        If I hadn’t been in such a hurry to get away from that odd woman coming on to me that used my pen to sign a document, it wouldn’t have been taken. It wasn’t worth the extra few seconds of strangeness.
        I ain’t perfect, I just don’t lose stuff. Probably because I just don’t “toss” things when I come home.

  3. 6

    swampie said,

    Heh. You must have misplaced your stick to beat off them women.

  4. 8

    kcduffy said,

    We have a key holder right inside the front door. I haven’t lost my keys since 1987.

  5. 9

    swampie said,

    I don’t need a keyholder right inside the door, I need a gym locker! One big enough to hold my flashlights, my pocket knife, my watches, my purse that has my wallet and cell phone, a selection of hats, a set of feeding clothes, my work shoes, oh, and my keys. Yeah, it would be incredibly ugly, but WHAT a time saver! And, naturally, I’d need a lock on it so little climbing grandchildren don’t access it and gleefully toss MeeMaw’s small items into either the trash can or flush ’em.

    I was pretty gleeful this morning when I thought that I had three brand-new high quality black pens for I NEVER buy black pens. Mine are all purple, or hot pink, or bright green. If I get a good quality black pen, SwampMan is SURE I’ve taken his. He has NEVER accused me of taking his hot pink pen from his desk. The three pens were under my desk, right where little Zoe had unloaded her Mommy’s purse last night. When SwampDaughter called this morning, I gleefully told her that I had her three new pens! “Uh, they’re not mine!” she told me. “I don’t have any pens, remember?” Yeah, she’s right. She had to borrow one from me to fill out a deposit slip at the bank. Well, she’s wrong. She has at least one pen in her purse. Mine. Who knew pen snitching was genetic?

    So, now SwampMan is going to walk by my desk, see those three pens, and say something like “AHA! I caught you in the very ACT of pen stealing this time!”

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