SwampDaughter and children were visiting the house when SwampMan returned from visiting his hospitalized mother in Georgia where she was recovering from emergency quadruple bypass surgery. I was half listening as SwampMan was trying to explain the bypass surgery to Dylan. I heard him talking about taking veins out of legs and sewing them onto the heart to make alternate pathways for blood flow, and I was thinking that I’d have simply said that her heart was sick and the doctors are trying to make it better. Both of us understand that children (and adults) learn by integrating new information with older, already understood information. Both of us occasionally go overboard with information that is over the head of the person asking the question. He asked Dylan if he understood.

“Oh, Papa”, said Dylan. “Does Nana have heartworms?”

SwampMan picked up that telephone and called his dad right then. When SwampBigPapa answered the phone, SwampMan told him “Dylan has a very important question about Nana. He wants to know if she has heartworms.” SwampBigPapa was able to assure Dylan that no, Nana did not have heartworms.

Now you just know that every time somebody from the family goes into the hospital, they’re going to ask Nana about how her heartworms are doing.


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    Shannon Baxter said,

    Dylan cracks me up!!!

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