It’s All Coming Back to Me Now….

One of my organization goals was to Do Something about my clothing; to wit, the incredible number of really ratty T-shirts and shorts I have, not to mention the amount of underwear and socks.

I decided it was time to turn some of the most comfortable rattiest-looking T-shirts into cleaning rags and, while folding clothes, had begun tossing them onto the couch in preparation for cutting them into cleaning rags and sweat bands. I have a HUGE amount of ‘comfortable’ T-shirts. Not many are really suitable for wearing out in public. A lot of those comfortable T-shirts are shirts that used to have raggy collars because I unconsciously chew on collars when I’m thinking and not chewing on a pen or pencil. When a collar gets raggedy, I just cut it off. If a collar feels too high, out come the scissors. If sleeves are uncomfortable, I cut them, too. They might turn into fringes, or slashes, or no sleeves at all. If I don’t like the hem, well, you know what happens.

So, this morning I got up, got dressed, went outside to feed, and came back inside with my clothing all soaked through with sweat and mud. Had to do a complete change of clothes down to socks and underwear in order to go outside and grill. After grilling the hamburgers, potatoes, and corn over charcoal, I came inside all sweaty again, put down the food, completely changed into dry clothes, then went back outside to put chicken on the grill for dinner. I came back inside to eat, then ran back outside to cover the chicken and grill when it started raining, came back inside soaked, and changed clothes completely again. Dang! I took the chicken off the grill and Puppy was looking at me with big, sad, hungry eyes, so I put some beef short ribs on the grill for him. When the short ribs were done, I fed them to Puppy and, since the coals were cooling but not out, I took some kosher beef dogs outta the fridge and gave three to Puppy and put four on the grill for us. Then I went to start the evening feeding.

Folks, it is WET out there. A few weeks ago, I was feeding grain to the livestock because we didn’t have enough grass due to the drought. Now I’m feeding grain to the livestock because the pastures are under water. I came in soaked down with liquid manure and mud, and did another complete change of clothing before getting the hot dogs off the grill for a pre-dinner snack.

SwampMan and I have been kinda lazing around taking it easy today because we had a ten-hour road trip yesterday going up to see his Mama in the hospital. SwampMan was happy because she was so much better than earlier in the week. I was shocked because she was so very frail, and I had never thought of her as a frail person before.

Between the rain, recovering from the trip to Georgia, and the torrential rainfall, I hadn’t gotten a whole accomplished today. But, when I grabbed a nice clean pair of PJs outta the folded laundry basket to change into after my shower, I realized that I had, indeed, gotten something done. My pile of shirts that were supposed to be cut up into cleaning rags was gone. I’d worn ’em. Somehow over the non-steamy season, I forget how many changes of clothes that somebody that spends a lot of time outdoors sweating and tossing manure uses in a day. Plus I really don’t want to get chicken shit all over my good shirts.


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