Trying To Register Kids for School in Duval County Can Be a PITA

SwampDaughter called today. She has been jumping through hoops trying to get Dylan enrolled in kindergarten in public school while she’s on medical/bereavement leave from losing the baby.

When she first tried to enroll him, they would not let her because his shots were not due until after the school year started. “No!” she was told. “We will not accept his enrollment. His shots must be current.”

She made an appointment with his pediatrician which she really could not afford. “We cannot reimmunize him until he is due. Your insurance company will not allow this. He has to wait until it is time.”

“But the school will not allow him to be enrolled until he has new immunizations.”

“They cannot require him to have immunizations that he is not due for. You need to go back and tell them that he can be enrolled.”

So, off she went back to the school. Again, they refused to enroll him. He had to get the shots that his doctor and his shot record said that he was not due for.

Since his pediatrician would not give the shots, she tried different clinics, among them Solantic. It would cost her over $400 to get the immunizations because her insurance won’t cover it because he’s not yet due. She’s been trying for about two weeks now to get him enrolled in kindergarten.

She finally went to the Health Department. They waited over three hours to get the immunizations. The nurse there at the public health clinic filled out his shot form for her to take to the school. The next day, she went back to the school, required original document in hand.

The records clerk looked at it. “We’re not going to accept this!” she was told.

“NOW what?” inquired daughter.

“You’re going to have to have them fax it directly to us.”

The woman is probably still alive because daughter had to leave so that SIL could drive the vehicle to a job interview. She called me up breathing fire, and relayed what exactly had happened. “I’m so frustrated I could just SCREAM!” she said. “All she had to do was make a phone call if she doesn’t want to believe the shot record, but she’s too damn lazy or stupid to even do that!”

The only advice I could give her was to contact the school principal and her local school board representative because, really, it shouldn’t take two weeks of repeated doctor and clinic visits to get vaccinations done that were not due in order to enroll a 5-year-old boy into kindergarten. “You’ve done everything and more that you were supposed to do!” I told her helpfully. Or not. SOMEBODY at that school needs to start doing their job instead of fucking with the parents just because they can.

“I’ll Email the principal and the school board rep.” she decided.

“Okay, but no curse words!” I admonished.

“Mooooom, I KNOW how to write an Email!” she protested.

“Unh hunh. I said that because you are MY daughter and, if I were sending the Email, I’m sure the term ‘fucking idiot’ would be in there at LEAST one time.”

I wonder if the school will ever enroll Dylan into kindergarten. What’s really sad is that is what passes for a “good” school in Duval county.


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  1. 1

    jendaisy said,

    Luckily Patrick went up there and talked some sense into them. They called the place and said I can come and register him now… Of course I also sent the principal a nice email staying how very incompetent the front office staff is. So tomorrow I will be there with Patrick, because I will need him to take the kids if I get arrested for bitch slapping someone if I have any other problems. Luckily I know some ex cops that have contacts. And really I could plead temporary insanity I think… What judge would convict me?!

  2. 2

    swampie said,

    Well, Angela Corey IS the prosecutor……

  3. 3

    jendaisy said,

    Update! Dylan was successfully signed up for kindergarten on the 4th try. I don’t know if it was Patrick or my email Sent to the principal that made the difference. Either way it was all smiles, apologies and plenty of help with all the paperwork.

  4. 4

    swampie said,

    Wonderful! Glad that little Dylan is allowed in school. Sorry that I won’t get to home school him. (grin)

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