I Like the Kindle More Than I Thought I Would

I was a little hesitant about the Kindle when SwampMan got it for me. We had casually discussed one previously when SwampDaughter got one. She loves hers. She has hundreds of books on it.

SwampMan was unconvinced. “I just like turning pages and having the book handy in case I need to refer to it while I’m working. I don’t really think that a Kindle or other E-reader would be good to have lying around in a workshop.”

“Yeah,” I agreed. “I’m totally with you there. If I need to check a concrete recipe or look up a garden pest, I’d sure not want to grab a Kindle with fingers covered with concrete or dirt.”

“So, we’re agreed that they’re really not a very good idea for us”, concluded SwampMan.

“Well, not so fast. For things that I want to keep handy as a reference, I will probably still get the book. On the other hand, there’s no reason for me to buy physical copies of sci fi, murder mysteries, and self improvement books. Just think of all the shelf space we’d save if all those books were on an E-reader!” At that, SwampMan looked like he’d been kicked in the head by a large bovine, for he covets more book space on our large collection of 6′ tall bookshelves, but I’m not giving up any of my books!

A couple weeks later, I was gifted with a Kindle which I dressed in a hot pink cover, ordered a couple self-help books on it, and then neglected my poor baby for awhile. Upon traveling, though, I was converted. I could order books and *BAM* they were there! I didn’t need to have five books in a suitcase in case I got bored. I could download free offers! Woohooo!

I might have gone a little crazy. Now I have multiple cookbooks, self-help books, and murder mysteries awaiting my leisure, and they’re all contained on one little device! I sat down today in my Lazy chair and turned on the Kindle while it was storming outside. I then found a significant bad point about the Kindle. When one is trying to read in the Lazy chair on a steamy afternoon when rain is pelting down and one falls asleep with the “book” held up over one’s face and it falls out of one’s hands and whacks one right on the bridge of the nose, that sucker HURTS. A paperback novel, not so much.

It is early morning here, and I’m still wakeful thanks to that afternoon nap. I was wondering what could possibly help me fall asleep when I remembered that I downloaded a 500-page economics book today (before I fell asleep and whacked myself in the nose with the Kindle) and haven’t even read the first page yet. Sleeping pills are overrated. Give me a good economics textbook any time.


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  1. 1

    kcduffy said,

    Economics – the ‘sleep aid’ with NO harmful side-effects!

    Thinking about getting one. Love the idea of downloading Kurt Schlicter and James Lileks books for three bux!

    • 2

      swampie said,

      It worked! I got maybe three pages into the introduction and I was out like a hooker at a political convention.

    • 3

      swampie said,

      They have lots of free book offers, too, to introduce new authors, or to introduce readers to authors of series. I’ve gotten lots of gluten free recipes for free or low prices.

      • 4

        kcduffy said,

        Yeah, Duffy & I just talked about it again. I learned last night I can download the Kindle software to my computer! That would work nicely for my evening housekeeping chores.

        We agreed, it’s likely in the future, possibly as our Christmas present to ourselves…if we can wait that long.

  2. 5

    jendaisy1981 said,

    totally totally LOVE my kindle!!! I have a ton of books on it. I get the free books off Facebook and I really love having my audibles. I plug my kindle into may car and Wa-laa! I have my audible audiobook going. No swaping discs or anything like that. So super cool!!

  3. 6

    swampie said,

    I got the Kindle Touch Keyboard with the 3G wireless. SwampMan thought I’d like the keyboard (which I do).

    • 7

      swampie said,

      I think you can download it to your phone, too, if you’ve got one o’ those smart ones.

      • 8

        kcduffy said,

        I am still smarter than my phone, and don’t see that changing any time soon. We’ve discussed it again, and think the Touch 3G is winning.

      • 9

        kcduffy said,

        But you prefer the one that’s got the keyboard? I’ve never had anything that’s touchscreen, so give me all the info & opinion you can!

      • 10

        swampie said,

        SwampMan figured I’d like the one with the actual keyboard on account of that’s the kind of person I am. You could probably see the letters better on the touch, so it just depends on personal preference.

      • 11

        swampie said,

        I’m wondering if I should have gotten the Kindle Fire just cuz of the cookbooks now.

      • 12

        kcduffy said,

        I couldn’t get cookbooks if I didn’t get the Fire?

      • 13

        swampie said,

        No, I have ALL KINDS of cookbooks. I just meant it might be nice to see it in color (grin).

  4. 14

    no2liberals said,

    Up until a few months ago I toted around a lap top to compliment my iphone. Those days are over since I bought this phone, which includes a Kindle app. Since I always use a bluetooth device, the size doesn’t mean diddly to me and the battery is huge, usually only needing to be recharged every third day(unlike the battery sucking iphone).

    • 15

      swampie said,

      Wish I could afford that sucker!

      • 16

        kcduffy said,

        We’re getting out of a contract, so will be going with Verizon prepay next month some time – they have only one smart phone for that program.

        As I say, I WAS leaning toward the Touch 3G, but now considering the keyboard, since it’s a bit less $…and the Fire, because I MAY want one day what I think I’d NEVER want now. That happened with the first few computers we bought – “Oh, we’ll never need/use that much.” Wrong. So, we’ll see…

        Tomorrow’s Duffy’s birthday, I got him a new hiking shirt. Not romantic or anything, but I am so stupid about such things, I hope he likes it.

      • 17

        no2liberals said,

        The price will come down, I was the first one at my local Best Buy to buy one on the first day it was for sale.
        It’s like five different devices in one and the HD screen is fantastic. The camera is 8megapixels with a flash and also records video in HD. As for phone quality, it is possibly the best phone I have ever had in the 20 years of having a car/cell phone.
        There is no limit as to how much you can download and store, it has a slot for additional 16gb Sandisk cards, along with the fixed 16gb storage.
        I love the fact that I can have so much capability in such a light and slender device.

      • 18

        kcduffy said,

        Oh, believe me, no2liberals, I coveted that phone when I first saw it…but we can’t afford it and we’re trying to get out of anything that forces a 2yr commitment.

  5. 19

    swampie said,

    IF I had a decent-paying job and traveled a lot today, I’d probably have something like that. In the day when we owned our own businesses, we had all the latest electronic things to assist us in doing the best possible work.

    • 20

      kcduffy said,

      After reading 2 years worth of reviews over the past couple days, and personal input from people we know with hands-on experience, and knowing what we intend to use it for…the Keyboard 3G is the choice.

      That’ll be payday, of course.

    • 21

      no2liberals said,

      As amazing and useful as the devices are today, one thing we know for certain they will continue to get more amazing and useful.
      To be able to recall clicking on the phone several times to let the other people on our party line know we needed to use it too and to now have the entire library of the world available at our fingertips still blows my mind.

      • 22

        kcduffy said,

        When I lived in Alberta, we didn’t have a personal phone – only the one in the school. Nor cable, nor colour tv. Now the E-READER can give you tv and movies in colour!

      • 23

        swampie said,

        My grandmother was amazed at the progress in her lifetime, from plowing with mules to watching a man on the moon. She thought she’d seen it all.

        I’m just so amazed by the progress that has occurred since the 70s!

  6. 24

    kae said,

    I thought I’d never like a Kindle.
    Silly me.
    It’s so much easier to lie in bed and read than a book, especially a big, heavy book.
    And like you say, BAM and a book is there. Some are free, many are very inexpensive.
    I love my Kindle!

  7. 27

    jendaisy1981 said,

    I also have the kindle keyboard 3g w/ wireless (is that the same as 3g@) anyway- love it. Its pretty durable and the only time I have ever had any issues is with an audible and the thing freezes up (only 2 xs in the past yr) with that I just hold the off butto down for 30 seconds and after that it restarts and is fine. The only other downside is with the cover. I had the kind that hooks onto the side. Zoe decided it was fun to bend it the wrong way and ended up with one of the “hooks” breaking off into the kindle and couldnt get it out. So I just bought the cover that the kindle slides into it. But other than that I have more issues with my blackberry than my kindle. I bought my kindle from amazon and its automatically programed to my amazon account. Which just made start up faster and easier. But it is possible and easy to program it to your account yourself if you buy from ebay or Sams/ etc.

    • 28

      kcduffy said,

      Thank you! I got to hold one yesterday, my client has the keyboard. Think it’ll work just fine. What is the purpose of the cover, please?

      • 29

        swampie said,

        So that when you stuff it into your purse, suitcase, briefcase, leave it lying on the arm of the chair, etc., when it gets jostled, bumped, dropped on the floor, gets picked up by tiny little peanut-butter-and-jelly-covered fingers, or whatever other form of mayhem may happen to it, that the screen is protected from damage.

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