Service at Lowe’s on Lenox Versus Home Depot on Lane

SwampMan decided that the screen door on the porch needed new hinges after rescreening. He promptly went to his computer and looked at the store websites to see which Home Depot or Lowes carried them in the store. Home Depot’s website said that they were a special order item. Lowe’s website said that they were in stock at the store on Lenox Avenue in Jacksonville. Well, Lenox Ave. is out of our way, but it was the closest one listed. We sucked it up that a closer store didn’t have what we wanted and drove over.

Upon arriving at the store, I immediately went to the customer service desk to confirm that they were in stock because some online websites are a little behind on listing things. SwampMan’s knees (which need replacing) were giving him a lot of pain that day, and he had to walk with the assistance of a cane. Instead of wandering around the store and not finding the hinges, I wanted to make sure they were in stock. I handed over the item numbers for the hinges in brass, white, and bronze, because we didn’t care WHAT color it was as long as we could fix the screen door.

“Yes, we have all those items!” the person at customer service assured us after checking her computer. “You can find them on aisle 2.” Thanking her for her help, we went to aisle 2. We walked up and down aisle 2 quickly, scanning for the items, then slowly. No screen door hinges. The guy who worked the area was making keys. We went shopping for other items and returned. The guy who worked the area was still making keys. We walked up and down the aisles again for ten minutes. Well, I walked. SwampMan painfully limped. The guy who worked the area was still making keys.

“I’ve gotta sit down!” SwampMan announced. “My knees are killing me! You keep looking, I’ll wait for this guy to finish with the keys.”

Twenty five minutes later, I was checking the item numbers of each package on the shelf along with the overstock when SwampMan called me from the end of the aisle.

“They don’t have the hinges!” he said.

“Whaddaya mean, they don’t have them? I just confirmed up front that they are in stock and, in fact, they have 12 hinges. We only need one or, if it is in a different color than the other hinge, two.”

“The man looked at them and said they didn’t have any.”

“I have been on the aisle the entire time and didn’t see him confirm shit. Did he get up and go down another aisle? Were they out of stock on that other aisle?”

“Nope. He didn’t move. He just glanced in my hand and said ‘We don’t carry those’.”

I suppose we were ugly, but if the man couldn’t be bothered for a $2.00 hinge, we certainly couldn’t be bothered to take our shopping cart through the checkout line, so we left it behind. After waiting for that long, I want somebody to at least pretend like they wanted to help me.

I inquired again about Home Depot, but SwampMan repeated that they didn’t carry it in the store but, to humor me, we went there anyway. SwampMan stomped through the door as swiftly as possible and accosted a man on top of a ladder stocking things entirely unrelated to hardware.

“I’m sorry to bother you, but which direction would the hinges like this be?” he asked the guy, expecting him to point in the right direction.

“I’ll take you right to them, sir!” was the courteous response. He quickly led us to the hinges that, per the company website, were not supposed to be in the store. “Can I help you find anything else?” he asked. We assured him that we needed no further help, and he hastened back to his department. Wow!

I went back to get a cart, and we continued our shopping to pick up the home repair materials that we needed. Home Depot got @ $300 of our money that day because of screen door hinges and courteous employees. Lowe’s got nothin’.

Oh, I’ll get over bein’ aggravated at the store on Lenox, I know. I don’t hold a grudge for longer than about five years. SwampMan, now, he’ll hold a grudge for a LONG time.

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  1. 1

    kcduffy said,

    Duffy sends me to whichever store he’s using that moment. I, on the other hand, have decided I prefer Ace Hardware.

  2. 4

    Jenny Haines said,

    The Lowes near us is pretty much the same. We always go to home depot. They don’t harass us and if we need em they help.

  3. 5

    no2liberals said,

    I hold a grudge a long, long time too and HD will never have my shadow cross their threshold EVER again.
    They can fire employees wearing a U.S. flag that says “God Bless America” while encouraging their employees to wear Homo-Pride logos and ribbons, along with sponsoring floats in Homo-Pride parades forever, I will never see them.
    I vote with my money every damn day.

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