Lull in the Rain? D’oh, Nevermind!

I was taking advantage of a lull in the rain to move a couple of the pastured chicken pens. The bantam pen had water higher than bantams are tall, so they very wisely elected to stay on their roosts until I came to the rescue. The white rocks are taller (and their pen was on a little higher land) so they’re flapping about in a *very* pissed off fashion in water up to their behinds.

I got the bantams moved but it started raining again before I could get the rocks moved. I had to rescue a rooster and hen who had unwisely decided to brave the water. The water had risen to neck deep in just a short period of time! I just waded out and carried them to safety two and three at a time, and put them in a dog kennel under shelter. Yeah, they’re crowded, but they’re not drowned. I hope they appreciate that.

There are huge rafts of floating fire ants out there, and boy are THEY pissed. I am covered in welts!

I waded out to the brush pile where a hen with newly hatched chicks had taken refuge. Two chicks made it through the night. I’d like to carry them to safety for only the top of the brush pile is above water, but they (chicks) hide lower in the brushpile when I arrive. If I try to catch them, they’ll drown, and probably their mother, too. I put a piece of plywood on the brushpile and put some chick feed on it. At least it will be a more stable platform for the momma and the chicks and, if it gets deeper, perhaps they’ll float.

A mother hen in a pen with seven chicks is okay, but three of the chicks died in the night. The four remaining chicks and the mother hen were soaking wet this morning.

I’ve been waiting for the rain to stop before I move the chicken pen because I’m runnin’ short of dry clothing, but it doesn’t look like that’s gonna happen soon. I need to do a load of laundry now anyway because the water is overtopping my boots and every time I come inside, I need a pair of dry socks.

SwampMan had $20 worth of game bird chow out at the barn that I bought for him. HAD. I came inside and asked him why he left the turkey food where Breeze could get it? He said the horse couldn’t get to it from where he left it. AND he had it hid inside a metal trash can with a lid on top. *sigh* Yeah, she could and did. He just needs to accept the fact that Breeze is smarter* than he is, so he better keep his feed locked up. You’d think he’d have learned this by now.

*Well, Breeze probably couldn’t rebuild an engine unless there was feed involved. Then I wouldn’t put it past her. She can turn doorknobs, lift gate latches, drink from a beer bottle or a Coke can, stick her head through a truck window and steal the cold drink outta the cold drink holder, and take the lids offa garbage cans and strew the trash after eating stuff of interest, but I dunno about turning a wrench. He better keep his tools locked up.


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