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Hope Y’all Had a Good 4th of July!

SwampMan and I decided to go out to eat for the 4th instead of charring food on the grill. I insisted on a fine dining experience which, to us, means that we go inside into the A/C with blue jeans on instead of shorts, and order from a menu instead of at the drive thru speaker.

Our choices are somewhat limited in our town. We could have BBQ, fast food (which I can’t eat), seafood (which SwampMan does not like), chicken wings, Subway, Mexican, or raw fish. SwampMan wanted Mexican, so I agreed. The restaurant was closed. Apparently all the folk there were out celebrating the 4th of July.

Oh, well. There were two Mexican restaurants in the next town. One of them was really good. One of them I hadn’t tried, so we went for the one that we knew was really good first. It was closed. We went to the other one. It was closed, too! Apparently every Mexican restaurant in the vicinity was closed for the 4th of July.

“So, now what?” I asked SwampMan. “Uh, there’s a new home cooking restaurant that just opened. You wanna try that one?” he asked hopefully, because he was getting really hungry.

“Sure, why not?” I agreed. We got there @ 3:03. SwampMan headed for the door while I brushed my wind-blown hair and locked the truck. “Well, if THAT ain’t a crock of BULLSHIT!” roared SwampMan at the door, turning to stomp away. The sign on the door said ‘closed’. I looked at the hours, and they indeed closed at three to open later for dinner.

“Now, baby, they have a right to set any kind of hours they choose!”

“That ain’t what I’m talkin’ about. The sign said ‘open’. I tried the door, it was locked, and when I turned my head lookin’ around to see if I’d come to the wrong entrance, somebody inside came up and switched the sign to ‘closed’. They wouldn’t even look at me, apologize, hand me a menu for later and invite me back, or ‘nothin!”

“Oh! Well, that WAS rude!” I agreed. We don’t eat at rude establishments. It causes indigestion. We wouldn’t be back later.

“So now what?” I asked.

“Fine. We’ll just go to The Place That Has the Salads That You Like.” He didn’t sound enthusiastic. I pointed out that, as a sole proprietorship, it was likely to be closed today as well! He cheered up.

We went to Sonny’s BBQ instead. We drove around a little and, since the skies were beginning to turn black, we headed home. It started pouring down rain well into the evening. We didn’t go out to see any of the fireworks displays, although the neighbor woke me up with his @ midnight.

Hope y’all had a good 4th of July!

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