Go and Adopt an Unloved Pet This Weekend!

Terrific sale on adoption fees this weekend in Jacksonville. Only $25 for a spayed/neutered pet that is microchipped and vaccinated. WHAT a deal!

The adoption event is being held at the Jax Fairground from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. They had over 800, so surely there will be SOMEBODY there to love.

Maybe it’s just me, but I prefer my furred friends’ honest companionship to hangin’ with dysfunctional humans.


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  1. 1

    no2liberals said,

    Just stay away from the pit bulls, even if they are averaging 26% of the pounds dog population.

    • 2

      swampie said,

      Yeah, I can’t have any because of the chickens/ducks/sheep. We’ve had quite a few, though, and they were Good Dogs.

      /They need an owner who is secure in being the alpha dog.

      • 3

        no2liberals said,

        I was going to post a video of a man and his “sweetest thing”, but the Shit Bull© zealots I clue batted with it last week got it pulled from utube.
        The dog was wagging his tail the whole time was he was shaking and ripping off all the flesh of both his owners arms, until mercifully a policeman showed up and made it behave…forever.
        The man may have bled out, there was so much blood all over the patio.

      • 4

        swampie said,

        N2l, my horse could kill me. The rams could kill me. The cattle we’ve had in the past could kill me. The hogs could kill me. In fact, most of the above have made spirited attempts to do me in, yet the Dudette abides.

        A pitbill was always the LEAST of my worries…..

  2. 5

    Jenny Haines said,

    over 800 animals were adopted so far.

    • 6

      swampie said,

      Fantastic! Maybe you’d like to join in the pitbull conversation. Should they all be outlawed and/or killed, as per n2l, or is it stupid owners, as per me? Since you’ve handled the truly vicious ones and put ’em down, I’d like your take on it.

      /And you know that I’m all for killing crazy individual dogs and do it personally, but I don’t blame all dogs for one crazyass dog.

    • 7

      swampie said,

      Well, like I don’t blame all horses for one crazyass horse, but I gotta admit there are horse family lines where the craziness runs deep…..and there are breeds of sheep where ya gotta take extra precautions to not get your bones broken.

    • 8

      swampie said,

      Don’t even get me started on billy goats.

      • 9

        no2liberals said,

        Swampie, I know about critters, fast cars/motorcycles, guns and explosives. There is a lot out there that can kill us and I understand that most pits aren’t a problem, but for such a small dog population to be responsible for the vast majority of deaths and horrible maulings is completely unacceptable. Not only that, but the horrid Shit Bull© zealots are unhinged, always making excuses for the dog and blaming the victim. Saving Man’s Best Friend—How Dangerous Breed Advocates are Redefining Our Relationships with Dogs and Why We Should Stop Them.

        My opposition to these dogs is based on personal experience, years of observation and a brother who is a vet who won’t allow them in his clinic…even muzzled.

        Pit Bulls by Gary Wilkes( 30 years experience dog trainer and behaviorist) :

        When it Works
        “As a result of Charlotte Blevins attack, a number of cities have created breed-specific legislation. Many follow the lead of Council Bluffs, Iowa, the neighboring city to Omaha. In 2005, Council Bluffs, enacted a ban on Pit Bulls. In the year prior to the ban, 2004, there were 29 attacks by Pit Bulls. In 2005, the number dropped to 12, in 2006, six attacks…”

        What Will Be, Will Be
        “No other breed in America is currently bred for fighting, in such great numbers as the American Pit Bull Terrier. No other breed has instinctive behaviors that are so consistently catastrophic when they occur, regardless of how rarely they happen. The reality is that every English pointer has the ability to point a bird. Every Cattle Dog has the ability to bite the heel…”

        Woman attacked by Pit bulls in October dies(after 13 surgeries).

        “The dogs were never raised to fight or nothing, they were family dogs. We never would have had these dogs if we knew they were aggressive or they would hurt someone,” Montoya said.

        Mortality, Mauling, and Maiming by Vicious Dogs–Annals of Surgery:

        Conclusions: Attacks by pit bulls are associated with higher morbidity rates, higher hospital charges, and a higher risk of death than are attacks by other breeds of dogs. Strict regulation of pit bulls may substantially reduce the US mortality rates related to dog bites.

        Here is a complete list of all dog bite fatalities for children since 2007 to the current.

        Here is a complete list of all dog bite fatalities for adults since 2007 to the current.

        There is a theme in those reports, the very theme I find totally unacceptable. There are many wonderful animals that humans can find companionship with, nothing I have seen or heard(especially anecdotes) can or will convince me otherwise.

        Currently, over 700 cities ban these dogs, all military housing facilities and about 30 countries. With the rate of fatalities and maimings these dogs are responsible for, there will be many more cities and states that will ban them. Maryland may be the first state to do so.

        I don’t hate the dogs, I just hate what they do more often than any other dog. They were a genetic mistake and I think that they should be banned, which would involve neutering for all of them so they will just go extinct. I have no interest in taking some one’s dog away from them, unless they violate the ban and keep fertile dogs.

  3. 10

    swampie said,

    Heh. The only reason that chihuahua’s don’t have a huge mortality rate is their size.

  4. 12

    Jenny Haines said,

    over 918 dogs at the end were adopted at the event. I am not a fan of PB’s. There are some that are nice- but I wouldn’t trust them AT ALL!!! I have seen the one that ate a 3 days old human baby and one that bit off his owners testicles. They get a crazy look in their eyes and are wagging their tails as they are trying to eat you through the kennel. now that being said- I have also seen the rotti that ate the 18 mth old and a great dane that bit the lady in the hoohah. We get labs, aussies, cockers, chihuahua and etc. PBs and Rotties are the ones I remember doing most of the “vicious” or most damaging bites. In which with all my experience I would not own either breed. But I am very picky. All in all it seems that the majority of bite dogs we get a PB and PB mixes.

    • 13

      no2liberals said,

      It’s wonderful you were able to get so many animals adopted.
      My soft spot is with kittehs, Beagles and Labs.

      • 14

        swampie said,

        You probably don’t wanna know how many of those were pit bull crosses!

        I’m glad that lots of animals got (hopefully) loving homes.

  5. 15

    Jenny Haines said,

    well… hopefully got loving homes. Tomorrow intake is open and I am hoping the returns are nil. BUT…. there are ALWAYS retuns after these events. Fri and Sat were $25. Sunday was a $10 day and I think on all days military was free. Not knocking the military at ALL. But we get soooo many turned in because they are moving and never thought about long term animal ownership. We will see what happens. We had a small surgery day today. We did all the ones that were “due out.” and that was only 24 animals. Tomorrow we have a bit more to do and a bunch of fat overbred large dog spays… yuck. The majority seems to be pit mixes also. Sometimes we get a dobie and some shepards. Plenty of poorly bred fru fru dogs with all sorts of issues. Its really nice when we get some friendly problem free small dogs that are easy to adopt. they go the same day we put them out in adoptions.

    My favorite are the kitties. They are quick to steralize and easy to take care of at home. My 3 legged cat (kick stand) is doing well with the kitten I brought home that only have one ear (Earie). So I am happy about that. She doesn’t play well with adults.

    • 16

      swampie said,

      Every house needs multiple kitties! (Except mine, of course.) My litter box changing days are DONE.

      Jacob left his caterpillar here. He hasn’t done any droppings at all today and, in fact, he’s secreted in a leaf somewhere. I’m not sure if he’s alive. He looked really sick this morning.

    • 17

      no2liberals said,

      The majority seems to be pit mixes also.

      Figures. The national trend is to have more of those type dogs in shelters and more of them euthanized than any other.

  6. 18

    no2liberals said,

    From Animal People Magazine Jul/Aug 2009 edition:
    Decade of adoption focus fails to reduce shelter killing.

    Among the unadoptables in 2009, based on 2006-2008 data, will be upward of 1.8 million cats who cannot be handled, believed to be mostly feral, and as many as 967,300 pit bull terriers who have either flunked behavioral screening or are just too numerous for shelters to accommodate.

    Pit bulls have increased from about 40% of the dogs killed in shelters at the beginning of the present decade to 58% now. Yet the percentage of pit bull intake killed in shelters has fallen from upward of 90% at the beginning of the present decade to about 80% at present, through the advent of standardized behavioral testing, in place of policies against adopting out any pit bulls.

    The numbers of pit bulls killed have not dropped parallel to the rate of pit bull killing because pit bull intakes have increased to about 1.2 million per year. Pit bulls are the only breed to show a sustained rate of rising shelter admissions throughout the decade.

    Of the total U.S. pit bull population of circa 3.5 million, about a third arrive at a shelter in any given year, at an average age of about 18 months. This is the same average age and rate, relative to their number on farms, at which steers go to slaughter.

    Two-thirds to 80% of the pit bulls entering shelters are surrendered by their keepers. Most of the rest are impounded, either for behavior or as victims of abuse and neglect.

    San Fran instituted a mandatory pit bull sterilization program back around 2005. By 2007, the sterilization had proven to be a huge success.

    In the first 18 months, pit bull impoundments declined by 21%; shelter occupancy rates fell from three-quarters to one-quarter and pit bull euthanizations dropped 24%.

    Never thought I would ever find anything to brag on SFO about, but there it is.

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