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Late Night With the Kids

Dylan is fast asleep on his pallet on the floor in front of the television. Jacob just finished his root beer float and is brushing his teeth. Zoe is supervising. She is rarely far from her big brother.

Dylan went to bed crying. He tried to hug and kiss his brother, who shoved him away because boys should not kiss boys. *sigh* I explained to him how my middle brother used to want to hug and kiss me, and I felt like I was waaaaaay too old to have a little brother hanging on me for attention, so I would shove him away, too, and now I feel very bad about it. He would regret it one day as well. Papa and I tried to get Dylan to hug and kiss us, but the damage was done. Tears rolled down his face, and he refused to hug or kiss anybody. Undeterred, we hugged and kissed him anyway.

I look around the kitchen while it is temporarily quiet. Zoe cleaned the canned goods off the shelves while I cooked tonight. I have to pick a can of corn, peas, and stewed tomatoes out from under my computer chair. They’re on Papa’s chair, too. Oh, Lordy. There are even more cans in the dining room, but they’re just going to have to be there until tomorrow morning. MeeMaw’s butt starts doing some serious dragging after midnight.

Yeah, the house is a wreck, but there’s a bubble of joy in my soul that will not be popped that is from the sheer happiness of having them here. They are so dear to me.

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Bein’ a Moth Ain’t All That

As I think I’ve mentioned, Jacob entrusted his caterpillar to my care while he got a baby tooth extracted at the dentist last night. The caterpillar had ceased eating and defecating. I checked it this morning. No little pellets. Ooops. Maybe I’m not a very good caterpillar mom. But hey, I didn’t feed it to the chickens, which is really pretty good for me. I am not a big bug enthusiast.

When Jacob arrived this morning, I told him I feared that his caterpillar was No More. Do caterpillars go to the Big Tree in the sky? He went outside to check.

He came back inside all excited. “MeeMaw, MeeMaw, LOOK! It’s in a cocoon now!”

Oh! Good news! I was afraid I was going to have to say a few words at the funeral about what a good caterpillar it was.

“Look at it, MeeMaw! I think I saw WINGS through the cocoon!”

I picked up the bug cage to hold it up to the light to scan for imaginary wings. Unfortunately, as soon as I picked it up, caterpillar/cocoon hit the floor because he’d failed to close the cage. Ooops. Hope smacking the floor from a height doesn’t interfere with the developmental process any. I scooped it back into the cage.

I went to check the internet to find out how long the cocoon will just lie about until the moth emerges, and then the rest of the life cycle. I found out that in about 10 days, a moth will emerge. If it is a female, she won’t even have freakin’ wings, but will sit around and emit pheromones overnight to attract mates, lay her eggs, and die. A REAL one night stand. If it is a male, he’ll flit around looking for females for a few days, then die.

And you think your life sucks. Hunh. Coulda been a moth caterpillar where you munch leaves and dodge hungry birds, parasites, spiders, lizards, and, if you’re successful, you get to turn into a moth and die almost immediately.

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