“Oh, I Love to Hear Those Happy Voices Singing”

Dylan was singing quietly behind SwampMan this morning at 7 a.m. after we picked them up. “I absolutely love to hear his happy voice singing!” he declared. Poor, naive man!

I, being somewhat more sceptical, listened to what the little voice in the back seat was singing for a moment, particularly when the little voice was taking care to keep his voice just below what Papa could understand. I heard that little voice quietly singing new words to “Mary Had a Little Lamb”. All Papa could hear was the tune. I could hear the words, however. “Jacob is a meanyhead, meanyhead, meanyhead, Jacob is a meanyhead with a face as white as snow!”

I looked into the back seat at Dylan, and raised an eyebrow at him. “He started it!”

“No, I didn’t, MeeMaw! Dylan is always mean to me!”

“Uh, Dylan is singing insults to his brother, hoping to get a reaction so that you’ll turn around and yell at Jacob for getting mad at Dylan!”

“Well, maybe NOW, but I’ve heard him before just quietly singing to himself, and I like it.

Heh. He’s trying out new insulting lyrics when he’s doing that, but I’ll leave poor Papa to his illusions.


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    kae said,

    I have a younger brother, four years younger. He used to aggravate me and torment me and annoy me until I retaliated, then I’d get into trouble because I was older and should know better.

    Little sh1t!

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