Grocery Store Blues

We stopped at the local Winn Dixie grocery store on the way back from picking up the grandkids this morning. I ran inside for a total of five items–bacon, chocolate for milk, milk, powdered sugar, and bread. I picked up bananas and cottage cheese as well.

While I was inside, I looked at the bacon. Holy SHIT! It was almost $6.00 per pound for the store brand! An elderly lady was standing there in despair looking at the prices. “How do they expect us to LIVE?” she wailed to me. I agreed. Anybody on a fixed income is being absolutely destroyed at the grocery store, as well as by the electric bill, the gas bill, and everything else that is going up in price in order to compensate for rising prices. I don’t even want to think about what pet food is going to cost! Puppy got five eggs left over from breakfast and a couple pieces of, er, extra well done French toast this morning.

What could I say? Not being one to sugarcoat or ignore the truth, I told her that my feed costs had risen 20% in one week, so she ain’t seen nothin’ yet as far as prices at the grocery store. Putting in a garden would be a good idea. If you have the space, having a few chickens wouldn’t be a bad idea, either.

Those items that I picked up at the grocery store? I only bought sales items or store brands. The bread was NOT whole grain, just the cheapest white bread available. It still cost $25.


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  1. 1

    no2liberals said,

    Don’t you have a Wal-Mart near by?
    That’s where I buy my groceries, still getting Rath bacon for about $2.50 for 12oz. Got a loaf of Orowheat Honey Whole Wheat for $2.50 just Saturday.
    I like the produce and meat better at Tom Thumb, but everything there is just so danged pricey compared to Wally World.

  2. 3

    kcduffy said,

    Seemed like everything I bought at the commissary last week had gone up by 50c or a buck…except meat – which we don’t eat a lot of – and bananas.

  3. 4

    kae said,

    And I thought it was just me hallicinating that things were getting much more expensive.
    But I can get 750grams of rindless bacon for about $8 – 2.2lb/kg. So that’s, er, 3/4 of 34oz @ $8…. I hate maths.
    I remember when I used to buy lamb shanks for the dog as a treat, 50c each.
    Now they are anywhere from $5-9 for two, depending on the size and price. It’s rude!

    • 5

      swampie said,

      I was going to get some pig feet and pork tails for the dog as a treat, too. OHMYGAWD! Like you said, $5 and up, depending on the size of the package. $5 minimum.

      • 6

        kae said,

        Someone told me/I read somewhere that giving your dog a beef tail with skin is good for the dog. The dog gets good exercise and teeth clean from taking the skin off and then chewing the meat off.
        You know you can’t buy a cow’s tail from the butcher.
        Health and safety, y’know?

      • 7

        swampie said,

        You can get skinned oxtails here, but they’re like $5.00 a pound. Too expensive for a doggie chew toy! I’ve been cleaning out the freezers for the last couple months to make room for ducks and poultry and maybe a lamb or two. Puppy (German Shepherd) has been getting sheep roasts and pork roasts and beef roasts….he’s gonna be real sad when reality hits again.

      • 8

        kcduffy said,

        I’ll save and freeze bones and ‘older’ meat for him if you want – hate throwing things away, but not making much use of things myself, and I don’t know anyone with a dog who will use anything but ‘gourmet’ dog food.

        And we go to Mayport all the time, so could bring ’em out, no sweat.

      • 9

        swampie said,

        Yeah, I’d appreciate any old meat that is not for human consumption! SwampMan is going to butcher some of the old tough chickens running around and not, er, be as particular about cleanliness as he ought to be for puppy. I told ’em that we might end up eatin’ those suckers if things get worse, but he said no way.

    • 10

      kcduffy said,

      Sometimes chicken leg quarters go on sale…can you use those for him? They don’t taste as good as ‘home grown’ but . . .

  4. 11

    kae said,

    That’d be me hallucinating… arrgh! It’s late, 11:19 pm. Time for bed.

  5. 12

    no2liberals said,

    It gets worse.

    Deep Fried Black Swan Goes Global As Drought Spreads From US To Asia, And Now To Southern Europe.

    Interesting little ‘flame war’ in the comment section with an AGW alarmist.

    • 13

      swampie said,

      If people identify themselves as global warmists, I know that they’re too stupid to research for themselves and are not deserving of my time and attention.

      /People that have been working out in the heat all day can get a little grouchy. It’s called “summertime”.

      • 14

        no2liberals said,

        The exchanges with the AGW proponent and his bitch-slappers were quite entertaining. šŸ˜†
        /yuuuummm…deep fried black swan

      • 15

        swampie said,

        This drought is causing inconvenience and financial hardship here. It will cause starvation elsewhere.

      • 16

        no2liberals said,

        I don’t know if you read the article and/or watched the video. This drought is having a huge impact on everyone, globally. The forecast for the rise in food prices next year are not favorable.
        Food riots are what started the downfall of Egypt. I would hate to see what food riots would do here.

  6. 17

    swampie said,

    Yep, I watched it. I just get so aggravated when people cannot see the connections.

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