Missing Items

My daughter was outside this afternoon when a neighbor came up asking if we had any boys there, as there were some items missing from his yard after he observed a couple boys cutting through the woods. She got rather irate, told him that her boys were inside, and they were waaaay too young to be wandering around unattended in the woods. They had, in fact, been inside all day, for the mosquitos are horrible now and WNV and EEE is in the area. He left a phone number, and I called him back.

We talked about relatives, connections, found out that we knew people in common and established our bona fides to the satisfaction of each other so that we knew who we were talking to, so to speak. He understood our family background and had connections way back with some family members. He gave me his name and people to check his ID with. Once we understood who we were talking to, we got down to nut cutting.

He explained that things were missing around his house after a couple of boys had been observed in the yard and then cutting through the woods. He thought they may have come to our house. I laughed, and explained that the only boys here were too young for me to let them out in the woods unsupervised at having just turned 5 and 8 and, in fact, they had been in the house all day.

He queried me about the folks around us, but everybody’s kids were either far too young or too old to be in the approximately 12-year-old guesstimated age of the suspected thieves. “Ahhhhh”, he observed. “Then they probably came from down across the main road.”

There is a place down on the main road that has had a perpetual garage sale going on for some time. It is apparently their only form of income. Another set of neighbors had asked me to keep my eyes on their place because of same perpetual garage sale. The folks from the perpetual garage sale had actually gone into somebody’s yard up the road and picked up yard ornaments, furniture, etc., and were going to haul them away when they were stopped.

“We pick up things to sell at our yard sale!” they explained. It was explained to them that they do NOT go into other people’s yards to acquire said things for sale without asking as that was called thieving. Dang. That would have been explained over a shotgun here. Unfortunately, when the homeowner had to be hospitalized, her place was cleaned out. By the time anybody knew her place had been burgarized, there was no evidence left. It had probably all been sold.

It is suspected that they’ve been behind some neighborhood break ins as well. I’m a little surprised that their house hasn’t suddenly caught fire in the night, but perhaps they haven’t hit the right house yet. So far the thieves, whoever they are, have limited their attentions to the houses of the elderly, sick, and dead.

My phone contact said that, in his capacity as a small business owner, he’d often noticed that tools that he’d unloaded from trucks and put away for a week or so turned up missing when they went to load them on the truck. He’d put it down to employee theft but, with the boy sighting and missing items, he was reconsidering. We do not know. However, there is no doubt that area property crimes are rising.

I noted that we were nervous every dang day about leaving the house to go to work despite years and years of being able to leave the doors unlocked for days. He agreed. We talked about the worsening economic situation, the crime situation, and the possibility of worsening neighborhood conditions amidst the growing chaos. Apparently the only people that are unaware of this are the folks in Washington and people that vote Democrat.

We discussed the possibility of armed self defense of the neighborhood if TSHTF. He’s on board, as are neighbors in the other direction.

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