Ducks, Sheep, and Chickens

I dunno what WordPress has against ducks, but it sure wouldn’t let me attach any this evening! Maybe it will have a better attitude re ducks in the morning.

Feed prices were up another 20% this week. It costs me as much for three 50-lb. bags of feed as it cost for my entire load of feed when W was President.


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    kcduffy said,

    I saw piggy tales for sale at the commissary – $1.62/lb. Packages seem small to me, how much do you feed Puppy every day?

    Yeah, my grocery bill is up that much, I think. I don’t know what the kids would do if I didn’t shop for them…

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      swampie said,

      I just made an omelette for puppy for dinner–5 eggs, stuffed with leftover chicken and dumplings and chicken and rice, with salmon skin from a small salmon filet (Alaskan) that SwampMan and I had. It was a HUGE omelette!

  2. 3

    swampie said,

    I might have to start shopping in the commissary with the daughter!

    I had a freezer full of meat accidentally get unplugged long enough to thaw, so Puppy has been eating THAT for the past few months (I plugged the freezer back in and refroze it, but wouldn’t use it for human consumption). Lots of chicken and sheep roasts! I’ve only got about five big ol’ roasts and leg of lambs left, though. When that is finished, I suppose he’s going to eat table scraps, gizzards and rice, chicken and rice, livers and rice, and whatever varmints he can catch. Fool dog refuses to eat dry dog food. Oh, gosh, and eggs. He’ll eat a dozen fried, scrambled, or boiled chicken eggs at a time and really likes raw duck eggs.

    We used to buy beef hearts by the case for him, but now it would be cheaper to just shred money and cover it with gravy.

    SwampMan is supposed to kill about 50 old roosters from around the house and barnyard so that we can freeze those for Puppy, and we’ve got lots of old male ducks, too, but you know how SwampMan feels about killing ducks. We need to put some chickens and ducks in the freezer for us, too.

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