Short Attention Span Theater

After I get home from work, we eat, I feed the animals, and return daughter’s phone call. It is @ 9 p.m. when we’re finished talking. I REALLY need to do laundry, pack a suitcase with two weeks’ worth of clothing, and get ready for work tomorrow. I leave OHMYGAWD early Saturday morning, fer cryin’ out loud, and I’m so tired from hours on my feet at work that I’m doing a kind of zombie shuffle. I throw some clothes in the washer. I roll some jeans and T-shirts and toss them in a duffle bag. I gather panties and bras. I look ruefully at my socks. I’m seeing a trip to buy socks in my near future. As I stumble towards the bedroom to put away some clean white T-shirts, eyelids drooping, I pass the kitchen table where I have Sharpie permanent markers and some paint. Hmmmmmm.

I hung my new water-colored flower effects T-shirt to dry which was achieved by drawing various flowers with very bright-colored Sharpie permanent markers and then spraying them with water and then using a catsup bottle filled with thinned acrylic turquoise paint to make lines and squiggles, then spraying them with water to make them spread and fade, too. And it is after 11 p.m. Waaaaaay after. Ooops. Aw, dang, I didn’t feed the dog yet because it was pouring down rain when it was doggie dinner time. And the kitchen floor has paint on it that needs to be cleaned up. And there are clothes in the washer. And I’m no longer tired. That’s a good thing because although it means that I’m going to get less than five hours of sleep again tonight, maybe I’ll get my clothes packed.

If I didn’t have ADHD before midlife, I damn sure have it now.


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