Hurricane Isaac Preps and SwampMan’s Birthday

I called Mom this morning to see how her hurricane preps are going. “Well, I boiled some eggs and picked up a lot of snack foods like potato chips, but your brother has already eaten all of them!” she said. “I’m going to have to go shopping for more!” Heh.

Today, besides being final hurricane prep day, is also Swampman’s birthday. I don’t think his plans for his birthday included clearing gutters, checking roofs, buying feed, moving livestock to higher ground, washing and drying clothes, storing water….oh, wait. That’s MY job. (grin)

HIS job is securing everything that can become a missile in high winds, mowing because the grass is going to be even further underwater tomorrow, covering the tools in the barn that can be harmed if any roof panels blow off, trying to move the huge limbs that came down in the LAST storm that I couldn’t move and it’s been too wet to get the tractor in to move them, carrying some trash off to the recycling place, and, well, lots of other crap. NOT a happy birthday, in fact. But that’s what you get when you chose to be born in August.

I dunno why I keep referring to this storm as “Ivan”.

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  1. 1

    Bonz said,

    Did the same.cleaned out the gutters and augured the neighbor’s downspout. Picked up anything not tied down. If things go to plan we should be fine. If they screw up like they did with charlie at least we’ll be somewhat prepared.

  2. 3

    no2liberals said,

    Happy Birthday, Swampman!

    I completed my Hurricane prep 24 years ago.
    I moved inland.

  3. 5

    kcduffy said,

    Happy Birthday, SwampMan!

    I know, it’s late, but I worked yesterday, then picked up Kaylee – she spent the night cuz it was also her daddy’s birthday and they had dinner reservations.

    We have water, and food…a generator if things really go south…concrete block house, metal roof we had put on after The Summer of the Hurricanes…

    • 6

      swampie said,

      We need a new roof *very* badly here, and have been debating the metal versus shingles. Cost-wise, I’m afraid it’s gonna be shingles. Plus, flying shingles probably won’t decapitate anybody during a hurricane. OTOH, the barns have metal roofs, so one more metal roof probably wouldn’t make a difference.

  4. 7

    swampie said,

    I will pass on y’all’s best wishes to SwampMan. He was REALLY depressed yesterday.

  5. 9

    Paco said,

    Belated birthday wishes to the great Swampman, and good luck with the weather.

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