If I Wanted Bullshit, I’d Go Out To The Pasture

I wanted to watch the weather report, so I turned on the television. Instead of the nightly news, I see The Obama Show on all of the local major networks. I watched it for a few minutes until becoming overcome by nausea, then turned it off in disgust.

I just wanted the weather report. If I wanted bullshit, I’d go out to the pasture.

I will get my weather information from the internet, just like I got the RNC coverage which, interestingly enough, wasn’t considered sufficiently newsworthy to be covered by the local networks.

Update: I wanted to know where the hell these bands of rain were coming from. I didn’t know it was from Son of Isaac out there redeveloping in the gulf!


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  1. 1

    no2liberals said,

    Turd sandwich or giant douche…those are our choices.
    I refused to watch either convention, they should just have one since all we have is a single party in D.C., the Republicrats.

  2. 5

    kcduffy said,

    He will become She and be renamed Nadine if the formation becomes more defined, according to a thing I read Wednesday.

    No convention for me – got my info from Twitter feed, and it was hilarious, both times – except for Rowdy Yates, my Hero once again.

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