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Remembering 9/11. I Still Want Retribution.


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“I’d Kick Your Ass, You Amazon-Lookin’ Woman!”

I was confronted outside a building today by an angry adolescent male.

“It’s all your fault that I’m getting arrested again!” he yelled. “If you weren’t a teacher, I’d kick your ass, you Amazon-lookin’ woman!”

I looked at him in some amusement and more than a little weariness, for I was completely tired of his shit. “If you feel froggy, jump!” I advised him. “But if I were you, I’d sure feel embarrassed about getting my ass beat by a grandma!”

How about that. He didn’t feel froggy after all.

Then he advised me that he was going to have me fired for laying my hands on him. Yeah, I’d grabbed him after he’d deliberately shoved three smaller boys onto the floor, and practically tossed him across the hallway. I laughed.

“Good luck with that. I hope you’re successful. I would LOVE to be fired!” I must have sounded very sincere to him. Perhaps it was because I meant it. He turned around and stalked away.

I’m really too old for this shit.

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