Dang, I Hate Whining and Excuses for Gross Incompetence

As most of y’all know, I’ve been in business and run businesses for most of my life. When major fuckups problems occur, as they will, I don’t want to hear whining. I don’t want to hear excuses. I just want an explanation as to how could something go so far wrong, what was done to fix it, and what assurances I have that it will never, ever happen again.

You can, therefore, perhaps picture my astonishment when the DNC offers a half-assed apology for a HUGE screw up and then wants to blame Romney per ABC News:

Organizers of last week’s Democratic National Convention apologized today for accidentally showing an image of the Russian navy during a tribute to U.S. veterans.

Soviet-era Russian warships were projected on a big screen above veterans as they stood on the convention stage last Thursday while retired Adm. John Nathman delivered remarks honoring those who serve.

“Due to vendor error, incorrect images appeared briefly on screen behind fifty-one veterans during the convention and the DNCC apologizes for this mistake,” the Democratic National Convention Committee said in a written statement to the Navy Times. “This error should not distract from the words of Admiral Nathman and others who spoke to President Obama’s strong record on issues that impact those who have served our nation.”

Never missing an opportunity, the DNCC also included a jab at GOP nominee Mitt Romney in its apology.

“We’re proud of the service and sacrifice of our veterans and military families, and while they were an important and active part our of convention, Mitt Romney failed to even mention them in his speech in Tampa,” they said.

Okay. Let me get this straight. The DNC projects pictures of the SOVIET NAVY while they’re supposedly “honoring” veterans that have served. The DNC was not sufficiently interested in “honoring” the veterans that they made any actual effort to ensure that they were projecting pictures of American ships. I’m sure that, had they asked politely, the Navy would have been more than happy to supply actual pictures of actual ships of the United States Navy. Of course, they could have Googled images of (U.S.) Navy ships online, which any competent third grade student should be able to do, but then we ARE talking about the DNC. I suppose we should be happy that we didn’t get photographs of the Japanese fleet during WWII, or perhaps some German U-boats.

Perhaps I wrong them, though, in attributing this slap at veterans to mere gross incompetence. Perhaps it was deliberate and they were saluting their ideological heroes.

This “apology” is how you can tell that the people of the DNC have never had to work at a job where they were personally accountable. If they had, they would know enough to stop digging, issue a real apology, and take responsibility for their stupidity. But that isn’t what happened. Of course not.

Their reaction reminds me of nothing so much as how a 3-year-old child refuses to accept responsibility.

Adult: “DNC, what is that horrible smell? Did you poop in your Pull Ups?”

DNC: “Noooooo. The vendors pooped in my Pull Ups!”

Adult: “WHAT?”

DNC: *Pointing Outside* “And Mitt Romney didn’t even WEAR Pull Ups in Tampa!”

Adult: “WHAT?”


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    kcduffy said,

    This is me, \\\\\\applauding////// you!

    “Vendor error” means they not only know little/nothing about the US Navy, they also HIRED someone who ALSO knows diddly about the US Navy!

    Incompetence breeds incompetence.

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