Countdown to Freedom

I am pretty excited about The Countdown to Freedom. Uh, no, I’m not talking about the election. I’m talking about the time until I am job free.

There are a few things that I had want to do before I am officially penniless and have to beg SwampMan for money. There are a couple medical bills that I still need to pay off. I want to buy a new pair of glasses to replace the ones that have been punched, stomped on, and thrown across the room because, well, they can no longer be adjusted to fit correctly. I’d like to get Christmas presents taken care of for the kids.

My husband and daughter want me to leave NOW. Heh. Daughter was telling me that I need to buy bolts of cloth and stamp my designs onto the cloth and then resell it. I had a mental picture of cloth stretched out all over my floors while I am stamping away cussing at midnight to meet a deadline. Heh. Geometric prints and flowers and zombies. No, I don’t think THAT’s going to happen.

Husband thought leaving work now was a good idea because I could oversee his health much more closely. He even said that he would only eat things that I cooked. Hmmmmmm. That’s what he said recently before I found out that he was feeding the cheese omelette with veggies inside that I got up early to make for him to Puppy and was sneaky going to Hardees for breakfasts of biscuits and gravy. I wonder if he’s going to still think it is such a good idea when I announce as soon as he gets home that we’re going on an hour-long bike ride, then we’ll come home to eat our salad for dinner? Maybe we better let that be our secret for now.

We’ve got a house that is seriously in need of maintenance and repair. The roof needs reshingling. There are fences in dire need of replacement. The summer is too hot and too wet to get it done. We can’t afford to hire it out. Gotta do it ourselves. Not enough time on the weekends.

I’m evaluating a couple start up business partnership offers that friends have made now that I’m about to be free, but I’m probably not going to go there. The quickest way to break up a friendship is to have money involved! There are other things that I want to do, too, that I’m very excited about.


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    Robert D said,

    Glad to finally hear that! 😀

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