SwampMan’s Stressful Week

SwampMan called me as I was walking through the door. I glanced at the caller ID and picked up the phone. “Hello?”

“I called to see if you were in the house.”

“Yes, I am in the house. I just walked through the door.”

“Well, I’m parked at the gate.”

“Unh hunh….”

“And I thought that you might like to go out to dinner tonight considering the stressful week we’ve had.”

“I’ll be out as soon as I change into jeans and a T-shirt.”

A half hour later, we were sipping on sweet tea and crunching corn chips dipped in guacamole. “You know, I’m looking forward to tonight. It’ll be the first night I’ve been able to relax ALL WEEK!” said SwampMan with relief.

Hmmmmmmm. Let’s see. Sunday I visited our son in Florida, and my mom and brother up in Georgia. I waited in Georgia for some relatives driving from Missouri for a short visit, but had to come home to feed before they arrived. SwampMan was at home watching movies and went to bed early. I fed the livestock and crawled into bed about midnight. Monday I left my truck lights on at work, and had to get SwampMan to jump off the battery. By the time I got home and through feeding the livestock it was 8 p.m., a little late to visit when they were an hour north. I cooked dinner, did some assorted chores, and went to bed about midnight. Tuesday after work, I was on my way home to feed. SwampMan called and wanted me to turn around and go to his doctor’s appointment with him. Then I came home, did a little bit of feeding, and he didn’t want to go see my relatives because it was too late. He stayed home and watched movies. I went up to Georgia to visit. Got home, finished feeding about midnight and crawled into bed. Wednesday night, I rushed home, didn’t feed, and we went to visit my relatives. We got home about 10 p.m., then I went to feed. I got in about midnight. Again.

Poor man! Not a single minute’s rest for him all week long!

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  1. 1

    ligneus said,

    Yes, very funny.

  2. 2

    rbeccah (@rbeccah) said,

    Try being married to a golf addict.

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