“Here’s Your Sign”

I watched the “debate” last night. Actually, I watched Congressman Ryan spout facts and figures, and watched Joe Biden do his imitation of a shit-eatin’ possum. SwampDaughter called this evening and asked if I’d watched the debate last night. “Yeah, what’d you think?” I asked, curious, because she’s in the target market.

“I couldn’t watch it. He kept changing numbers, like he was making them up and couldn’t decide on the right one. Plus Biden was like some eeevil demented monkey person, and I couldn’t hear anything through his screeching. I had to switch it off.”

Yeah, she has children in the house. Shit like that could could give ’em nightmares. Hell, it gives ME nightmares thinking that this is what we have as a vice president.

My good opinion, of course, isn’t what Biden was looking for. My daughter is a registered Independent. So is my husband. Ditto son. Let’s just say that they were less than impressed. “Wow!” said SwampMan. “I never really paid much attention to Joe Biden before. WHAT an idiot.”

“He does realize that the truth about Benghazi is out in the press, doesn’t he? And that it was being monitored in real time?”

“Apparently everybody but Joe and the President knew.”

“And we’re supposed to believe that.”

“Unh hunh.”

“So either nobody thought they were important enough to inform, or they’re the dumbest bastards in the history of the world for thinking that we’re going to buy this load of manure.”

“Hey, I’m still marveling at Biden insisting that they don’t have a bomb, they merely have fissile material. Apparently everybody can go out and find fissile material just lying about but the casing and delivery system, now, that’s something too complicated for Muslims to figure out!” I was just floored when Biden smirkingly talked about fissile material. I don’ think that means what he thinks it means.

“Sounds racist to me!”

“Well, maybe he’s basing his deep knowledge about Muslim intelligence on the boss.”

Anybody that could support these bozos has got to have an IQ hovering somewhere around houseplant. If you’re a Democrat supporting Obama, here’s your sign. Thank you for self identifying.


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