Well, Obama Can’t Run From His Record Now

I went to bed with Romney in the lead. I woke up with Obama having “miraculously” won every single battleground state. Really. How is that even possible? The only thing that comes to mind is voting fraud.

In Florida, the counties that Obama swept are rife with voter fraud. Always have been. I can’t really believe that the Jews would vote to enable Obama to destroy their brethren into a flash of thermonuclear light. I can’t believe that the ol’ folks voted to discontinue their medical care. I can’t believe that Cubans who know better would vote for Obama.

We’ve heard voter fraud stories coming in all day on November 6 online. The voting machines that “accidentally” counted votes for Romney as for Obama. The precinct leaders that were handing out two ballots to Democrats.

Then there’s the big old “oops, we didn’t get the military absentee ballots out on time!” which means that tens of thousands of voters were disenfranchised. Deliberately. Ain’t that a helluva thing? Obama sends our youth overseas into the middle of a war and makes rules of engagement so stringent that they can be jailed for trying to shoot back and save their lives. Lives HAVE been lost over his asinine policies. I’m now advising the young people to not join the military. The government is trying to kill them.

Well, the livestock still has to be bed, and I still have to go to work. Once the big tax increases kick in at the end of the year, that won’t be worthwhile, either. Maybe I can join the free shit army, too, so that I can have a nice telephone, have somebody else pay for my food, housing, and medical care.


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    no2liberals said,

    He doesn’t have to and he never did.
    The Praetorian Guard media stands firm.

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