Only About 3 Shopping Days Left

I think you can safely picture me running around in circles and screaming.  Yep.  That’s me.

Mom’s latest surgery (lymph node removal) went quite well.  We had to leave for the hospital @ 5 a.m. yesterday morning.  Since I didn’t want to wake up both grandsons when I was going out the door at 4 a.m., I spent the night.  Heh.  SwampMan got to take care of the grandsons and take them to class with him.

Mom had a different anesthesiologist this time, and she was not sick at all in the recovery room or at discharge.  She refused any pain pills.   Instead of being basically unconscious (and sick!) for several days, we were sitting on her bed late last night laughing and telling jokes.

I had an eye appointment with the optometrist today, so I set off for home early.  Mom got up at 5 a.m. and fixed breakfast for us (I TOLD you she was feeling pretty good this time) before I left.  Getting up at 5 a.m. is Mom’s version of sleeping in.  She and my brother usually get up at 4 a.m.  That whole morning person thing skipped me entirely.  Mom keeps the thermostat at her house set at somewhere between summer in the Sonoran desert and the fires of hell, so my sleeping for the last couple of days was almost nonexistent.  I can’t go outside and feed because my dilated pupils react to sunlight much like those vampires that burst into flames when the sun comes up.   This would be primo naptime opportunity, but I can’t go to sleep because the (insert really foul expletive of your choice here) roosters have all decided to crow probably because I haven’t fed yet.   SwampMan and the grandsons are off on some sort of Secret Mission today.   I need to clean and decorate, too, but everything is a big ol’ blur.  The optometrist told me that the blurry vision would wear off in about two hours.  I hope so.

I haven’t really done any Christmas shopping yet.  I’ve taken a lot of time off for work (unpaid), and won’t have any cash coming in until mid January IF I go back to work.  Aaaaack.  I wonder if I can give out I.O.U.s for Christmas if they’re wrapped really pretty?

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    kcduffy said,

    Yay, SwampWoman’s MOM!

    And good for you all on that anesthesiologist. I found out just before my 3rd colonoscopy that my allergy to demerol was the likely cause of my sickness after the procedure…and the place where I went doesn’t use demerol in their cocktail! I have some symptoms from dehydration after the thing now, but I am no longer SICK, just because of that little change.

    Our family Christmas is tomorrow. No big meal, just the appetizers I used to provide for the day before the big meal. Gonna be good. Small bits of gifts, but I know they’ll be appreciated. My daughter is making such a nice little Christmas for her little family, too, makes me proud.

    I am always sad, starting around the first week of November, thru the new year…but I always get through it, and hopefully no one else will notice.

    Thanks for the updates, have a great weekend!

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      swampie said,

      D’OH! I went Christmas shopping today in a marathon session and nearly got it completed, too. Unfortunately, while I was outside feeding this evening, my lil’ brother called to give me a heads up. My Mom’s incision is really swelling, and we may have to take her to the ER tonight or tomorrow. DANG.

      I went to the grocery store this evening to pick up cat food and while I was there, I decided to pick up a turkey to cook for Christmas dinner so I could get the thawing started. Guess what. No turkeys. There was a limited selection of hams. I didn’t get a ham because I figured I’d go to another grocery store to get a turkey early tomorrow morning. Oh, snap. Dare I trust Swampman with this errand?

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