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Payback Time, I Guess.

I was rushing around the kitchen last night like a Cheetah on speed trying to get all the predinner cooking done. I had the kiddie table set up in the kitchen for the children to eat at since I’ve grown weary of picking food outta the carpet in the dining room. I had placed the groceries (i.e., raw ingredients) on that table along with my purse earlier that day. Somehow I knocked the purse to the floor and didn’t notice it. The out-of-place bag was brought to my attention when I tripped over it while carrying a dozen eggs. I recovered my balance, but the eggs landed on the floor. I said some naughty words that guaranteed that I wasn’t going to get a visit from Santa, then kicked the offending piece of leather across the floor. I mopped up the worst of the carnage, then got back to cooking and didn’t think of it again.

Not until this evening, in fact. I was taking an overflowing garbage bag out of the trash can when I noted a brown something behind the trash can. I moved the trash can out. There was my forgotten purse, sitting wide open, with the contents inside of a plastic plate that had gone over the top of the garbage bag and had landed, instead, in the purse.

So, I removed a turkey leg bone with a few strips of meat left, some smashed taters, and mushy fruit salad. Oh, THAT’s gonna leave a mark. I think I may be shopping for a new purse soon. VERY soon.

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Merry Christmas to All! And to All a Good Night!

Jenny and ThanksgivingThe immediate SwampFamily arrived home today for the Christmas dinner.  SwampSon smoked a turkey.  Not Thanksgiving, but an anonymous store-bought turkey.  Thanksgiving is still attempting to stalk magnificently around the yard, but his tail feathers are getting a bit tattered. It is hard to get a good stalk on when the tail feathers are all tatty. At sunset, Thanksgiving stalks back to the pen he shares with a rooster or two who want to share the safety of the pen at night and a turn at the ever filled bowl of food.

It was wonderful having both my mom and little brother here. It had been about 35 years since we had last all had a meal together.

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