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I May Be Feeling a Little Bit Overwhelmed Right Now…

I May Be Feeling a Little Bit Overwhelmed Right Now...

I came back to Florida late Friday afternoon. My chickens hadn’t been fed since Tuesday evening, and I figured they were probably not very happy with me. That isn’t quite as bad as it sounds….the chickens have 5 gallon feeders and waterers in their movable pens which hold about two days’ worth of food and water, but they were definitely ready to see that feed bucket by the third day. The sheep had to suck it up and eat acorns and pasture.

I came inside to a *very* dirty house. I was going to start off by washing the dishes but remembered that I’d used the last of my dishwashing detergent and liquid before leaving. Oh, snap.

Swampman came home, told me he was glad to see me, and asked “what’s for dinner?” Oy. I looked at the kitchen with dirty glasses and spoons and forks and plates and empty take out boxes and said firmly “Dominos Pizza!” because Dominos has a gluten-free variety. And I had a LOT of clean up time in that kitchen!

I fell asleep here earlyish on Friday because I’d not gotten much sleep at Mom’s on the living room sofa. I slept like the dead until the phone rang Saturday morning. I lept up to answer. It was the SwampDaughter. “Hey, we’re on our way over for the Christmas parade!” she cheerily stated. Dang. I’d hoped she’d forgotten. “Where ARE you?” I asked. “Almost to your house!” she answered cheerfully. Oh. Guess I better put on clothes, then.

We watched the Christmas parade. We ate lunch in town. We came home and watched Princess of Mars with the boys. Then off they went to Jacksonville, and I ran outside and fed the hens and ducks and sheep and dog and cats and then drove to the feedstore and came home and unloaded feed in the dark.

“What’s for dinner?” asked SwampMan. Off to the grocery store (oops, I forgot!) and then home to cook chicken fried steak and broccoli and yellow rice.

Today, Sunday, was spent running around to various stores to pick up supplies for our house, Mom’s house, and SwampMan. Then home, feeding, cooking, laundry, and suddenly it’s 11 p.m., I still haven’t been able to print out the required paperwork I need for my job because the freakin’ printer decided to go out on strike (you know what happens to strikers at the Swampie household? They get REPLACED!) but unfortunately, I don’t have the funds to purchase a replacement at this time. And tomorrow, I need to be at the hospital with Mom about 200 miles away from my work HQ where I’m on deadline to get my damn paperwork in.

The Christmas tree is not up, the shopping is not done, clothes are not folded, and the floor is pretty dang nasty. I don’t expect the situation will improve anytime soon.

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