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We Got the New Roof Started….

My lil’ bro was here this weekend to help me with the roof. This basically meant that he did all the real work; I hammered down nails and unrolled felt and fetched and distributed shingles. Oh, yeah, I also found soft spots on the roof by falling through them. And I picked up shingles and felt and nails that were tossed to the ground.

Our roof has leaked like a sieve since the tropical storms last year; unfortunately, there were so many family crises (and rainy weather) that we didn’t give it the attention it deserved and crossed our fingers and hoped everything would be okay when we got around to fixing it. That’s kinda like saying “Well, I don’t have time or money for the $20.00 oil change. Maybe everything will be okay if I just skip it for a year or two.” *sigh* We ended up replacing sheeting and truss pieces and we’re not through yet.

Lil’ bro initially thought that he could get half of it done in three days. Two days later, he guesstimates that it will be another four days before this half is done. Hunh. “And how many if I help you?” “EIGHT days!” Hmmmmmmm.

It’s 11 p.m. I’ve just gotten back from taking little brother home. I need to get up extra early in the morning to feed and water the livestock before work. My back is killing me. Didn’t have time to get any house cleaning done this weekend. Funny how that works out, hunh?

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