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This Whole Secession Thing Might Be Easy

Looks like the Yankee states are voluntarily removing themselves from the protections guaranteed in the constitution, which would make them something other than states. I suppose they are just colonies under the aegis of D.C. whose purpose for existence is to funnel taxes to the politicians.

SwampMan wanted me to go to New York with him this summer if he doesn’t get his knees done. I made a counteroffer that I would only set foot there if we went Herkimer diamond hunting, maybe taking the grandsons with us if Mommy permits, for the oldest grandson is an enthusiastic rock specimen collector. Alas for SwampMan, New York is now permanently off limits for us since we’re bitter gun clingers and believe that free people should have the means to overthrow tyrannical governments. Tyrants, of course, disagree, and make disarming their subjects their priority.

Payson, Arizona, has some good-quality rock specimens. That should be adequate for the oldest grandson’s collection, but that will probably have to wait until after SwampMan’s knee operations.

This whole secession thing is going to be easier than I thought. The Yankees can drive out their evil capitalists and business, take away their means to self defense, abort all their young, and protect all their land from farming. All we have to do is put up fences, block the roads, and ignore them.

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