Newly Addicted to Coffee

I’ve never really liked coffee. Sure, the smell is divine, but the taste not so much. Then, while working at the elementary school in the winter, a colleague (with lots of spare cash!) would bring in Starbucks for everybody. Mocha lattes. Pumpkin spice lattes. Gingerbread lattes. It was an occasional indulgence, and I grew to really like them to the point where I was actually going out after work every couple of weeks and spending $5 of my own money on a cup of coffee. Madness. Luckily warm weather came back, and I decided that spending $1 on sweet tea on the way home was a better use of my (limited) funds.

This winter, at another school, there were no well-heeled collagues to bring in Starbucks for their lesser-moneyed friends. Then Mom got the sudden, fast-growing cancer and spent a lot of time in a Georgia hospital. My lil’ bro’ and I spent a lot of time there, too. And it had a Starbucks. And it was good. The addiction might have gone away again except that when we brought Mom home from her operations, we stayed up late and got up early in case she needed any assistance. The coffee was made 24/7.

“Hey, Swampie, coffee’s ready!” my brother informed me.

“You know, I really don’t like coffee. I’ll pass.”

“I thought you really liked those Starbucks coffees with the flavoring.”

“Well, I do! I just don’t like plain coffee.”

“I’ve got pumpkin spice creamer, Almond Joy creamer, peppermint mocha creamer, and caramel machiatto. I wasn’t sure which one you wanted. So you have to drink it because I sure as hell can’t drink it all!” True, true. Mom just takes a little cream in her coffee.

I tried it and it was GOOD. When I got back home, I bought my own coffee maker. Now I pour about 5 cups of coffee (and lots of flavored creamer*!) into a mug before I go to work in the morning when it is cold outside. That’s after drinking a cup before I go outside to feed in order to prewarm my insides.

When warm weather returns, I’ll trade in the giant mug of coffee in the morning for iced sweet tea. I think.

*The prepared creamers that I use are made of real ingredients such as milk and sugar and spices, NOT soybean oil or cottonseed oil like some of them. I also make my own from recipes on the net.


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