Somebody’s Callin’ My Name

I was out feeding the livestock last night, hurrying, because it was twilight and I was nowhere near finished. I clearly heard “SWAMPIE!” being shouted from towards the house in a deep male voice.

“WHAT?” I bellowed back, annoyed. I’m fast runnin’ out of twilight. I looked at the sun slipping below the horizon. I only had a few minutes left until total dark.

“SWAMPIE!” The call repeated. Sounded like it was from the porch. The porch was dark. I couldn’t see whether SwampMan was standing there.


No answer. Maybe he couldn’t hear me. Or maybe he figured that now was not the time to ask about dinner.

Then I started getting worried. What if there was an emergency and somebody had been carried away in an ambulance and SwampMan was back inside getting ready to go? What if it was a grandkid? Ohmygawd NO! I dropped the feed and ran to the door and burst inside. “WHAT’S WRONG!” I bellowed as I slammed open the door.

SwampMan, until that moment, had been peacefully napping on his chair. He startled upright and nearly fell out of his huge recliner. “Hunh? Whuzzit?” His eyes were now wide open but somewhat unfocused.

“Um, I thought I heard you calling me while I was out in the pasture, so I ran in to see what was wrong.”

“What? No. I was sleeping. I didn’t call you!”

Hunh. I left poor SwampMan scared awake in his chair and went back outside to finish feeding.

Wonder what THAT was all about. If the grim reaper was callin’, I had too much to do. If it was an angel of the Lord, he better appear in a burning bush or something because I don’t get subtle. Maybe it was the dog. I hadn’t fed him yet.


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