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I Think I Need Some Down Time

I had no sick time to use, but stayed home today anyway. Temperature of 101.3 (normal for me is 97.6), laryngitis, and severe coughing spells is not something that I want to pass around at school. Or maybe it is, if I could just pick out specific kids to send it to. With my luck, the nice children that want to learn would get it, and the little hellions would be immune since they likely gave it to me to begin with.

Three people have called me today to tell me various good news items in their lives. Somehow, it’s ALL been prefaced with “Wow. I know you said you were sick, but you sound waaaaaay worse in person than on your blog!” Thank you for that, y’all. I’m going to sit around now and contemplate my mortality which sounds as though it is rapidly coming to an end. Maybe I’ll pick out a crematorium and urn while I’m at it. How cool would that be? Then SwampDaughter could say “Boys, if you do not stop fighting RIGHT THIS INSTANT, I’m going to put MeeMaw’s urn into YOUR CLOSET and take the lid off so that her ghost can come out while you’re asleep.” Bwahahahahaha!

I know what the problem is. I’ve always required alone time to regroup and relax. The day is a confusing kaleidoscope of activity. FCAT is coming. This is also my busiest time of year (lambing and soon shearing) with the livestock. And all house maintenance/field maintenance needs to be done during the dry and cool season. I’m running from place to place and not doing a particularly good job at ANY of them which makes me crazy. And stressed out. And ill. My house is a wreck. And the in laws are coming for a visit in a couple weeks.

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