Swampie Libre Day!

For the first time in a long time, I am not walking around in circles worrying about finances. I am not calling everybody with jobs available begging to be considered. I haven’t polished up my resume OR my shoes. Tomorrow at 4 p.m. is liberation day.

SwampMan, however, is in a state of panic. “How about insurance?” he exclaims. “I’m not sick!” I counter. “But how do you KNOW? You might have a heart attack next week!” “Or I might win the lottery next week, too!” “WHAT? We can’t afford to gamble!”

For @ $200 per month, I can get a health insurance policy with $10,000 deductible. “WHAT! $200 per month! Where will that come from?” Sigh. “Okay. I won’t get it, then.” “WHAT? What if you have a heart attack next week?” “I’ll start a meth lab to pay the bills. Or maybe hydroponic marijuana…” After all, there are YouTube instructional videos on just about anything.

I dunno what brought about this Zen-like state of calm that I’m in. Maybe it was the fact that gas jumped twelve cents a gallon here between filling up on Sunday evening and filling up again on Wednesday morning.

Feel free to speculate on how long it will take me to get into the crazy zone because I don’t have an income.


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      swampie said,

      Ooooh. I was enjoying that when the damn alarm went off. I thought I would ceremonially eviscerate that lil’ electronic sumbitch tomorrow, but I’ll *sigh* probably still need it.

      I hope that you’re not suggesting I get a guitar and form a band. My musical talent ain’t.

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        no2liberals said,

        Henh. No, just a nice tune to put in perspective why you are feeling so unburdened.

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        kcduffy said,

        I know a couple geezers in bands, if you feel so inclined… 😀

        If you are ex military, look into insurance from USAA. And, since you’re NOT usually ‘sick,’ a couple hundred in emergency funds to pay for the urgent care clinic ought to be plenty. It’s my fall-back position whenever they raise the price for our ‘free for life’ care.

        So, next week or the week after – LUNCH!

        And…do you have eggs??? 😀

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