Happy 2nd Birthday, Zoe!

Zoe's 2nd birthday!I talked to SwampDaughter yesterday, and she indicated that she was going birthday shopping. “Really? Whose birthday?” I asked, perplexed.

“Hello. Zoe’s birthday!”

“Hunh. Already?”

“I thought you’d remember it since it’s the day before your birthday!”

“Oh, dang. I guess it is that time again!”

We talked about how, when she starts her new weekend job, she would come over in the middle of the week, and we could take Zoe to the beach, and then eat lunch out in Fernandina. I hated to bring up this teensy tiny little problem, but I did it anyway. “Um, I’m probably not going to be able to afford to buy lunch out since I’m not working.”

“Actually, me either!” she admitted, as she was taking a pay cut in order to avoid daycare costs. SwampMan yelled that there was nothing wrong with bologna sandwiches, and we should pack some. *sigh* Is he EVER going to remember that I can’t eat bread?

After feeding and moving chickens, inspecting lambs, and cooking brunch, I had every intention of going into town to shop for a birthday present for Zoe. I called Mommy again today before I went to town to see if she had any suggestions. Somehow, my lazy chair with the book beside it reached out and grabbed me for a 5-minute relaxing read before I left. Only I didn’t read for five minutes. No sooner than my eyeballs hit the page, I was out. Guess those late night/early morning ewe checks caught up with me.

Whatever the reason, I woke suddenly, looked at the clock, then grabbed my keys and ran out the door. I needed to get to the feed store for my pregnant and lactating ewes. I arrived five minutes before the store closed for the weekend.

When I arrived home, it was getting dark. I fed the ewes, then helped the new momma locate one of the twins who was snoozing peacefully under a clump of dried grass while the other tentatively jumped and played with his fellow lambs who had formed their own little flock.

Needless to say, I did not go shopping. That will be tomorrow, I suppose. Hope inspiration for the perfect gift (or even a barely adequate gift!) hits me. In the meantime, it’s chilly, I need to check to make sure the lambs are all okay, none of the ewes are in distress, and I can barely keep my eyes open. I would have thought that I wouldn’t be able to sleep at all, but noooooo.

That will probably come about 1 a.m.


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    kcduffy said,

    The best thing about 2yr olds is they don’t know beans about what day it is unless they’re told…they don’t really understand when they ARE told…and they like presents, no matter what day it is, no matter what it is. Five bucks worth of farm animals, dinosaurs, jungle beasts, bracelets, necklaces and colour books from Family Dollar is enough to keep Kaylee happy for DAYS!

    Happy Birthday, Zoe!

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