Unemployment: Day One

It was an emotional last day for me yesterday. I cried quietly several times as some of the students begged me not to abandon them. One girl told me that I cared more about her than her own mother! I was surprised at how quickly Friday passed by after the way Monday through Thursday seemingly took several months to pass.

We had a party in one of the classes. There was cake. Rather than being a buzzkill, I ate it. It was so thoughtful to have a going away party! I have a card signed with everlasting love by students which will reside in my album forever.

SwampMan was going to take me out after work for a celebratory dinner, but I was confined to the house with stomach issues after the cake. This morning, I have pains in all my joints, so I’m moving somewhat slowy. Being allergic to gluten sucks!

Surprisingly, the most tearful protests against my planned departure came from students with which I had the most disciplinary issues. Also surprising to me were the number of students that I didn’t know that stopped and told me how much they were going to miss me. How did they even know that I was leaving?


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    kcduffy said,

    Moving slow myself, gotta go shop for groceries for Lovely Daughter’s family…soon…really…

    You have now experienced something my mum had happen on a fairly regular basis…the hellions seemed to love her the most and were really busted up when she left.

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