Pinterest Was Invented By Satan

My former DIL told me that I needed to go on Pinterest. “Check it out!” she said. “You know how you love crafting!”

“But I have no time to look at it!” I protested.

“You’re leaving your job! PROMISE ME you’ll look at it then!”

Fine. So I did.

I found myself mesmerized by crochet patterns, knitted blankets, and T-shirts fashioned into new items. I don’t even knit or sew and crochet very badly! Dyeing! Felting! Jewelry making! Furniture! Gardening ideas! I spent an entire day (and I’m talking the 24-hour kinda day) doing nothing but writing down ideas, recipes, formulas, and chasing down crafts and ideas. Well. Nothing except for livestock care and feeding, meal making, laundry, you know, the minimum amount that showed that perhaps I was still a living being. Must. Stop. Now. Talk about the perfect snare for catching the ADD personality!

I’ll be testing some of the DIY cleaning formulations that I gleaned from there as well as the make-it-yourself carpet shampoo IF I can refrain from testing some of the T-shirt dyeing ideas. D’OH!


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