SwampMan Appropriated My Kindle

“I think I’d like to get myself one of those Kindles, or maybe a Nook. I haven’t made up my mind. Order a book for me (and he gave me a W.E.B. Griffin title) so that I can see whether I’d like one or not.”

I was suspicious. “You can read one of my USMC manuals. Try small wars or counterinsurgency.”

“No, just go ahead and order the W.E.B. Griffin novel.”

Crap. Crap. Crap. What are the odds that if I order that title, and he starts reading it, that I’ll be able to snuggle under the blanket with my Kindle this evening?

I ordered the title. He started reading it. He’s been reading it all day. He shows no signs of not reading it. “Say, what does this 34% mean at the bottom of the book?”

“It means that you’ve only read 34% of the book.”

“Hunh. I’d rather it had page numbers.”

Guess it’s a good thing that I have some library books. Sniffle.


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  1. 1

    Jenny said,

    I’m going to get a kindle fire soon. If he does get a kindle- he may want to do the warrenty thing. My kindle keyboard is acting weird and I only had it for a little over a year and my 1 year warranty from amazon is not any good. When I get the fire I’m gonna spend the extra on the 2yr warranty so when the kids break it I can get a new one.

    • 2

      swampie said,

      You will be happy to know that I FINALLY found the password for our wireless network and the kindle is now on wifi instead of 3G. And I ordered one for yo’ daddy.

  2. 3

    swampie said,

    Well, we have no kids to break it. Oh, wait….

  3. 4

    swampie said,

    I *think* there’s a warranty on mine, I don’t remember. Didn’t get it from Amazon.

  4. 5

    kcduffy said,

    It’ SAYS “Karla’s Kindle” on mine…but it is mostly Duffy’s. He does read more than I, but that’s because when he’s home, he doesn’t have housework to do, and when he’s not home, I’m doing housework or Kaylee work! I do sit at the computer and read the Kindle books on the Cloud, though, so so far I’m not ‘missing’ anything…I have every intention of having a Kindle Fire before the year is out… 😀

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