Here’s Why the DHS Needs All That Ammo

target7target6target5target4target3target2target1They have new targets to shoot! Because this is what terrorists look like to the government: They appear to be white, middle class, and in their own homes or neighborhoods. So why would DHS agents be practicing shooting people down in their own homes and on playgrounds?

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    kcduffy said,

    Reblogged this on Pixie Place II and commented:
    Why would anyone trust ‘the Government’ to ‘protect’ them after reading this?

    • 2

      swampie said,

      Well, obviously I’m a terrorist. I believe in the Constitution, have been to Tea Party rallies, and voted for the opposition.

    • 3

      swampie said,

      Notice none of those people have “offensive” weapons, they look more like they’re in a defensive mode to me. Which apparently is illegal now.

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      swampie said,

      Speaking as an older woman who spends a lot of time in the kitchen, I need to seriously upgrade the kitchen weaponry. And really, the cabinets need to be upgraded to resist bullet impacts. Do they make armored bathrobes?

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