Monday Morning Music

I’m enjoying this not going to work thing waaaaaaay too much, aren’t I?

It is a warm but *very* rainy early morning here in NE Florida. We’ve had some pretty impressive thunderstorms overnight with a fairly heavy rain in between. Summer thundershowers in February. Hunh. Somebody up north must be havin’ a bad Monday with all that moisture streamin’ in from the gulf.

I’ve been out and about periodically checking on the wellbeing of the ewes. My PJs, hat and jacket are SOAKED. I don’t wanna wake up SwampMan, who still has a little beauty sleep time left before his alarm goes off, because he’d never be able to get back to sleep. That is why I’m wrapped in a blanket at the computer.

Changes in weather or air pressure seem to bring on labor. During our last freezing event, a young ewe delivered a tiny preemie with legs like pencils. Poor little girl was able to “baaaaa” loudly and desperately to her momma, but too weak to stand. Oh, crap. Those poor little things have to be tube fed but if they’re too weak to hold up their heads (and she was), the stomach contents could drain into her lungs because the stomach valves are also weak. And of course Momma sheep had no milk because it was a preemie not ready to be born. Then I noticed the jaw deformity. Poor thing wouldn’t have been able to suckle even if she’d been full term, and likely wouldn’t have been able to graze. Perhaps there were other anomalies that were internal that were inconsistent with life.

Regardless, the poor little thing was shivering with cold, so I took her to the house to put her on a towel in front of a heater while I looked for the stomach tube and a heating pad but, alas, she called again for her momma and then just stopped breathing*. I returned her body to her anxious momma who didn’t particularly like me BEFORE I stole and (from her point of view) killed her baby. After all, she was baaaing when I took her! *sigh* Momma stayed with the body for most of the day before she accepted that the lamb was dead and went off to rejoin her flock. I disposed of the body.

*Thank goodness. I was trying to decide whether to try to save her or send her to That Great Pasture in the Sky, but she took the decision from me.

Update: I gained SEVERAL good wife points by donning soaking jacket and hat and going out in the rain to open and shut gate for SwampMan so that he wouldn’t have to get out of his truck to do it.

I lost all those good wife points and a few more by not moving SwampMan’s prepacked lunch (rice, chicken-fried steak and mustard greens) from the refrigerator into his truck. I called SwampMan just as soon as I got back into the house and realized that he hadn’t taken his lunch with him, but he has a meeting this morning and couldn’t return for it.


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