Obama Administration Set to Make Cuts That Would Most Hurt Taxpayers

Instead of removing folk at the Department of Justice and ATF who are busily running guns to foreign drug gangs (God knows that they wouldn’t deign to help anybody in the U.S.), or the people at the EPA who are trying to shut down the nation’s power supplies, the Obama administration has instead decided to move on to furloughing people that do a job that is essential to the wellbeing of millions of Americans: The food inspectors.

Sanderson Farms, Inc., the third- largest U.S. chicken processor, said the removal of food-safety inspectors because of federal budget cuts set to go into effect next week would disrupt its operations.

The company is prohibited by law from operating poultry- processing plants without the presence of federal inspectors and would have to shut plants in their absence, Laurel, Mississippi- based Sanderson said in a filing today.

The closing of plants owned by Sanderson, a supplier to grocery chains Kroger Co. and Supervalu Inc., would be one of the effects of the automatic U.S. federal budget cuts set to begin March 1 unless President Barack Obama and Congress work out a deal to avoid or postpone them.

So, all you folks on a fixed income out there (that would apply to anybody earning a paycheck, by the way, because the boss can’t afford to give out wage increases every time the Federal government is out of control which would be constantly) or on a limited income retirement are about to be screwed AGAIN by the people that have already screwed you pretty seriously on food prices by putting food into your vehicle’s gas tank (to the detriment of said vehicles, I might add). Now, out of all the people that the Federal government COULD pick for furloughs that would never be noticed, they just happen to pick the folks whose absence will shut down entire industries. WHAT a coincidence!

The USDA is considering furloughing inspectors for 15 days as part of automatic U.S. federal budget cuts, known as sequestration. The move could spur the “first widespread shortage” of meat, poultry and egg products in generations, according to a letter sent to Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack (DEMOCRAT) on Feb. 11 by three dozen trade groups from across the country.

I believe that “widespread shortage” of meat, poultry and egg products is EXACTLY what the Federal government wants. This is not an accident, folks.

A 15-day furlough resulting from the cuts could cost more than $10 billion in production losses and industry workers could lose more than $400 million in wages, Vilsack (DEMOCRAT) said in a Feb. 5 letter to Senator Barbara Mikulski, (DEMOCRAT), chairwoman of the appropriations committee.

Sounds like an e-mail probably went out that said “Barbi, we believe we have identified the folks in this department whose loss will do the greatest damage to the taxpayers, the food industry, and the economy! Everybody else’s job is secure. Give my regards to Barry. Y’all have fun with this now!” to me.

If the Federal government has enough power to petulantly shut down food operations that will negatively effect millions of citizens and cause hundreds of millions of dollars in damages, they have too much power. It is waaaaaay past time that states got together and cut the Federal government out of their business.

I’m pretty sure that those Federal inspector positions could be filled pretty darn quickly by the states and/or private sector, and probably at a lower cost, too.

Edited to add that a lack of poultry or eggs at the grocery store won’t affect me AT ALL.


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