Tropical Deluge in February

I was really excited and happy to get rain because, frankly, we needed it. Forests were spontaneously starting to burst into flames because, well, it’s the DRY season. I was having to leave the hose trickle so that mud puddles would form for the ducks to bathe in and so the squirrels wouldn’t drown themselves in the water troughs looking for something to drink.

I was happy that it poured down rain all night here Sunday. HARD rain. Then Monday morning I went out to open up the gate to the big sheep barn to let them out to the pasture to graze. It was raining. The rain varied from intense to medium. They looked at me as though I’d lost my mind. They shifted around uncertainly. After five minutes, nobody had made a decision and I was tired of standing around in the rain waiting for sheep, so I shut the gate and went about my business.

I was out shifting poultry and checking their feed during a lull in the rain when I decided I’d open the gate so that the ewes with lambs could come down to a separate barn and pasture to be fed because nursing mothers and lambs are the only ones that get fed twice a day around here. I opened the gate. Again, the sheep looked at me as though I were crazy. “GET MY WOOL WET? DO YOU KNOW HOW LONG IT TAKES THIS SHIT TO DRY?” Well, yeah, they have a point. I closed the gate and went back toward the house. When I was almost there, I heard baaaaaing at the gate. The whole flock was there. I turned around to let the nursing mothers and lambs through but it started raining again before I got there. By the time I got back to open the gate again, they were back at the other barn shifting around, discussing whether they could sucker me into standing in the rain holding the gate open for five minutes or more again, no doubt.

Unfortunately for them, the round bales are out in the pasture, and I was slap outta square bales. The only way I could get square bales out to that barn was carrying them, too. My truck would definitely get stuck out there now! I tossed what loose hay I could gather up out to them. They gobbled it up and looked greedily for more. Sorry, guys.

kcmo snow front yardGuess I’m on my way to buy a couple bales of hay. That should last me until it is dry enough for the sheep to go out on the pasture. The grass is growing really well, so that means that it is going to go to record low temperatures again. Could be worse. Here’s my lil’ brother’s street in Kansas City, MO, this morning. Yeah, he’s not working today.


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      swampie said,

      THAT is hilarious! I’m also chagrined because he (or she) has a better singing voice than I do.

      I believe I’d be really careful while feeding it for awhile. Just in case it really meant “let the fingers hit the floor”.

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