Ten P.M. And All Is Well. Sort of.

Everybody has had their bath and is in bed in preparation for rising early so that MeeMaw can take them on their hour-long drive to school tomorrow. Well. Almost everybody. While the boys were happy to eat their dinner and a red velvet cupcake for dessert then take a bath and fall immediately asleep, one tiny family member is being quite resistant to the program.

“I want Dowa!” a small voice declares from the crib set up in the living room.

MeeMaw explains that television is finished, and little Zoe is going to have to go night night in her Dora pajamas. Dora is finished for the day. A heartrending scream of sorrow echoes forth from the living room, followed by noisy sobbing. The sorrow is no doubt because it was MeeMaw’s voice that answered. Papa would be there turning on Dora and rescuing her in a heartbeat, but Papa has to go to work in the morning, too. Oh, snap. MeeMaw doesn’t believe in negotiating with tiny terrorists mostly because they can out negotiate her. The sobbing lasts less than five minutes before a very sleepy and cranky little angel falls fast asleep. Where did the weekend go?

The kids’ dirty clothes are washing so that they can be returned to Mommy in clean condition. Momma Kitty is raising heck at the window because I unaccountably overlooked her when I was feeding this evening. Puppy is barking for the same reason. I’m on my way, guys. Really. This time for sure. They will follow me around the house issuing vocal proclamations about my lack of promptness with the food. How do they even know which room I’m in when they’re outside? Hunh. Maybe it is time for me to jump in the tub, too, if they can smell me through masonry walls.

In the meantime, Mommy was supposed to be working three 12-hour shifts this weekend but, instead, is working three 15+ hour shifts this weekend in addition to the work week she put in earlier this week during training. Inflation is EVERYWHERE. She is *very* tired. I hope it works out for her. I know that I can no longer put in those kind of hours without so much as a lunch break or taking the load off my feet break.


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