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“I’ve Never Been This Sick Before!”

Jacob was coming down with a cold weekend before last when he got to our house. He was coughing Friday night and Saturday night. Sunday, he (and Zoe and Dylan) was picked up by Daddy to go to the National Guard Easter Egg Hunt.

Monday afternoon an exhausted Mommy called me. “Was Jacob sick at your house over the weekend?”

“Yeah, he was coughing, but he thought it might be allergies. What’s up?”

“I got called to pick him up at school. He had a temperature of 102.7.” Yep, I’d say that was pretty sick.

Jacob had to stay home from school Monday and Tuesday. I *think* he went back Wednesday. Thursday, SwampMan began feeling ill and coughing. I went to Mom’s for dinner. He stayed home and ate ramen noodles. He took Friday off from school. Oh, crap.

Friday night, I went and got the grandkids because SwampMan was feeling too ill to ride over. Dylan was coughing that night, and woke me several times during the night crying (in his sleep) for his Mommy because he didn’t feel good. Dylan would NEVER cry for his Mommy if he were awake. Five year olds don’t cry, you see. Only babies. I stayed beside him and rubbed his back and head as he tossed fitfully in his sleep. Then I’d go back to bed (actually, sofa) for a bit and wake up again when he called out. By morning, I was coughing, too. I cooked oatmeal for the kids because the slippery warmth would be soothing for sore throats. SwampMan came slowly out of the bedroom @ 9 a.m. coughing. He immediately went to his recliner. I cooked him breakfast, too, eggs and sausage and grits. Dylan told me several times that his brain hurt (headache) and his throat had something stuck in it (he was hoarse and coughing). Poor Dylan! He wasted his sickness by being ill over the weekend, and didn’t get to take two days off from school like his brother. He was sooooo disgusted!

SwampMan went to work today (Monday). I stayed here (woohooooo!) and caught up on laundry and cleaning that I’d felt too exhausted to do over the weekend with all the steppin’ and fetchin’ I’d had to do on Sunday. Saturday I’d had the kids outside because it was a really nice day. SwampMan got home and told me he probably wasn’t going to go to work tomorrow or the next day. He complained “I’ve NEVER been this sick before!”

“Uh, yes, you have!” I assured him.


“The last time you had a cold.”

“NO! I’ve been sick for FIVE DAYS now!”

“Just like the last time you had a cold.”

“My ribs hurt from coughing!”

*sigh* I rolled my eyes heavenwards. Apparently he could not hear the paroxyms of coughing emanating from my body at regular intervals.

“Bring me medicine! And a Coke! And what’s for dinner?”

I’m going to have to go to the grocery store again tomorrow if SwampMan takes off work. Somehow that Chilean Merlot that I had in the kitchen (strictly for cooking purposes) vanished while I was making supper. Must have evaporated from the heat.

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Zoe Takes Good Care of Mommy (and Everybody Else)

Princess bedThe kids went home late Saturday afternoon just before Mommy went to work. This was the first time since her new job began that the kids were going to be there while she tried to sleep Sunday after getting off work at 8 a.m. I was a little worried about it. Mommy called me on the way home from work on Monday morning.

“So, how did it go? Were you able to get some sleep?” I queried.

“It went well. When I got home, I put my phone on a classical station, put my ear buds in, and went to sleep. I vaguely recall Zoe saying ‘I sleepy’ and crawling into bed, then saying ‘No, I not sleepy!’ and getting up. When I woke up, though, I had all her stuffed animals tucked in on both sides of me and even on top of me!”

I thought that was very sweet of her. She likes to go to sleep completely surrounded by her babies (with just a tiny little Zoe-shaped space left in her bed for her) and generously shared them with Mommy so that Mommy wouldn’t feel alone or afraid. Poor Zoe probably had to nap without her babies!

When Papa snoozes in his lazy chair, he usually wakes up with a bear or monkey on his lap with a blanket on his knees placed there by Zoe. NONE of the other grandchildren have ever given Papa baby dolls and tucked him in while he napped.

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