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Bad Weather

I thought that I had everything under control when we left to make a run to the library. I had barns open for shelter for the sheep, I had fed all the chickens and newly hatched ducklings and chicks before I left so that they would have full tummies during the bad weather, and I’d moved the pens of newly hatched chicks and ducklings with their mothers to higher ground, or at least what I thought was higher ground. I knew we were going to have rain during the afternoon. I did not know how much rain was coming, though.

We were actually gone far longer than we had intended to be due to the storms. I got out in the driveway to open the gate and was instantly soaked through with cold rain that felt like it was coming out of a high pressure hose. I argued briefly with SwampMan. He wanted me to jump back in the truck and ride up the driveway to the house and come inside. I wanted to go check the chicks, ducklings, and livestock. He pointed out that I was recovering from bronchitis and I wasn’t Superwoman, even if I thought I was. That truck sure did feel nice and warm driving up the driveway after getting soaked through in just a minute or two at the gate!

We came inside and got out of our soaked hoodies, tees, and blue jeans. I put on dry socks, light pants, and another sweatshirt and baseball hat to check on the babies. *sigh* I thought I’d gotten my little chicks with their momma up far enough but alas, I hadn’t. The momma and seven of the chicks were okay. There wasn’t room for the eighth chick on the big branch I’d put in there just in case, and it had succumbed to hypothermia in the cold water. The caged Momma with the ducklings also had a duckling death; I believe this one was stepped on as she was trying to keep the ducklings warm.

It is 11 p.m. We’ve just had another severe thunderstorm pass through and there’s a lull outside in the rain. I hear thunder off in the distance heading this way. I better run outside and make sure everybody is okay before the next one hits. We have electricity here so far and no trees are down here that I know of, although lots of folks aren’t so lucky. Lots of storm damage in some counties. Guess we’ll know more about it come morning.

Update: I was wondering about the, er, intelligence of wandering around in water while the skies were intermittently lit with bright lightning flashes and the ground was shaking from thunder when the skies opened up again. Damnit. What I could see (more in the lightning light than the dim flashlight) looked okay. I didn’t make it to the duck pens. A lot of the ducks have elected to spend the night on the front porch which is going to be right mess to clean up tomorrow (sigh). You KNOW it’s a bad night when the ducks head to shelter.

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I Agree Wholeheartedly With the Cat

My freakin’ printer is doing the very freakin’ SAME THING! IT WON’T TAKE THE PAPER! Sumbitch, WHY won’t you take the freakin’ PAPER? Hand me the baseball bat. Printer gonna go to printer hell.

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