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Dylan’s Homework is FINISHED!

I went over to pick Dylan and Jacob up tonight to take them over to our house for an overnight visit until tomorrow evening so Mommy could sleep after she got off work. (They go back to school on Tuesday.)

Mommy handed me their overnight bag. She asked, if I had time, whether I could possibly persuade Dylan to maybe get a couple of pages of homework done. Seems Dylan did not WANT to do homework over his spring break. (Go figure!) There were eight or nine pages of it which seemed a little excessive for a five-year-old kindergartener. He’d done three pages the entire week with a lot of drama for Mama. He had one more day to get it done.

“If you don’t get any done, it won’t be any big deal, but even a page would help!”

“Yeah, throw it in. No problem!” Mommy probably does not remember HER epic tantrums about her homework. Dylan’s tantrums don’t even compare. “We’ll get it done before we go to the beach tomorrow!”

“We’re going to the BEACH?” Dylan asked, throwing himself around my legs.

“Yep, just as soon as your homework is finished!”


Meemaw has learned a few things in her multitude of less-than-illustrious careers working with both the public and with public officials. One thing I’ve learned is that physical violence is sometimes necessary. I have no objection to it when warranted. However, real enthusiasm and cooperation about getting the job done often requires incentives or rewards. Incentives work with small children as well. The compensation they require is just smaller in monetary value. We might call them “rewards”. In business, they are often called “incentives” or “consideration”. Had I been caught and prosecuted, no doubt the law would have called them “bribes”. Whatever it takes to get the job done.

So, Mommy, if you are reading this during a lull at work tonight, you can rest easy knowing that you will not have any tear-filled drama tomorrow night. Dylan worked diligently at his homework from @ 8 p.m. to 8:20 p.m. and finished it. I gave him the option of saving some for tomorrow, but he just sighed and said he might as well just do it all now so we could go to the beach early.

Nope. Mommy was never that easy.

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Happy Easter!

Brantley NelsonHope the Easter Bunny hopped his butt off around your house!

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