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The Grandkids’ Summer Plans

“Hey!” Swampdaughter greeted me over the telephone. She called to make sure that I remembered that I was picking up the kids from school today because she was going to be in a meeting. It is always a good thing to remind me of where I’m supposed to be on a particular day because I may not remember if I’m distracted by something like squirrels. Can’t blame it on middle age because I’ve always been that way BUT if it has something to do with a job or money, I can remember THAT. Go figure.

During the conversation, she said “Oh, by the way. Jacob mentioned that this summer, the kids were going to stay with us for a week and with you for a week. Was this your idea?”

I had to admit that this was the first I’d heard of it.

“Yeah, he said that y’all were going to go camping and fishing and shooting.”

Hunh. We do indeed plan to do all of those things, just not constantly. I think he might be *very* disappointed to find that the house need to be cleaned and maintained, pastures and yards need attention, and animals have to be fed and watered BEFORE the camping, fishing, and shooting takes place. Well, wait a minute. He was talking to his Papa about plans for things that they could do this summer and all that animal, pasture, house and yard stuff gets done by the very pissed-off female resident of this household or it doesn’t get done at all.

My idea of recreation is to give them a couple buckets of old eggs and tell them to go throw ’em at something. Yesterday Dylan threw them up in the air while Jacob shot at them with the pellet gun.

Actually, yesterday I took the boys to one county park, one city park, one state park, and the beach as well as Sonny’s BBQ. This will NOT happen every day! I am picking them up early today from school to take them to a Chik-Fil-A (with the playground!) because Mommy has a meeting at work even though it is her day off. Normally I wouldn’t pick them up early but their school is a pain in the butt to get in and out of during kid pick up, so I’m going to get them early because it is convenient for me. So there.

The boys wanted to shoot squirrels and cook them for dinner. Papa explained to them that all the squirrels on the property belong to MeeMaw and that they have to ask MeeMaw first.

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