Good Luck on the FCAT, Florida Students

Today kicks off four days of testing for the little ones, and two weeks’ worth of testing for the high school kids (well, there are other tests besides FCAT included for the high school kids). Good luck, everybody!

Some kids get petrified and subject to brain freeze because so much is at stake. They look blankly at pages of things that they had been able to do previously and can’t remember how to do them. Some kids are so angry about the high-pressure situation that they Christmas tree the test. After a few years of testing, some kids are convinced that they’ll never get it and just guess.

Good luck to my Jacob who begins his first of many, many years of testing today. If he can relax, he will do fine. Good luck to my Arizona, who is in the top 5% of Duval County students and has been accepted into a middle school that focuses on gifted and advanced students. And thank God Dylan hasn’t begun testing yet (grin).


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