H7N9: Y’all Need to Keep Up With This ‘Un

This latest avian flu variation doesn’t hurt or even sicken birds, but has a high death rate for the humans it infects. It appears to be adapted to spread through humans now. It is still early days yet in this flu. Perhaps it will evolve further to be less dangerous to its mammalian hosts. We do not know. Perhaps it is spreading mostly unremarked through the population. This is unknown.

Just remember that this kills its victims through pneumonia and how quickly hospitals with advanced life-saving equipment can be overwhelmed by large numbers of people seeking treatment.

According to Recombinomics, the birds infected at the live markets were probably infected by humans per the DNA analysis.

If your plans to avoid the next big flu epidemic include locking yourself in your house with no outside contact, now might be a good time to start stocking up your vital supplies. *sigh* I ALWAYS get a bad case of the flu even if I’ve been immunized.

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