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“Religious Extremism” Caused the Boston Bombings

I just heard the headline news as I was driving. The person reading the news told me that “Religious Extremism” was responsble for the bombings and that there were no connections to any other groups. Riiiiight.

But….but….but they did not tell me who the religious extremists were! Were they religiously extreme Lutherans? Were they religiously extreme Evangelicals? Were they religiously extreme Amish? They didn’t say! Perhaps Christian missionaries have decided that it is more effective to plant bombs among spectators at sporting events rather than knock on doors and lead people to Christ? Well. Could be, if you listen to the news. The word “Islam” is apparently in the same category as “gay fucking shit” in that if you dare utter it on the air, you get fired.


It greatly disturbs me that many religious leftwing extremist news personnel have openly called this as being done by rightwing extremists such as Tea Party members (who are a group of small business owners that are opposed to fiscal irresponsibility on the part of the government) even though Tea Party members have never, ever engaged in killing anybody, let alone families, and Islamic terrorists have*. Apparently wanting smaller Federal government, fiscal responsibility, and fewer strangling government regulations on small business and only participating in peaceful demonstrations means that one is automatically accused of atrocities such as bombing families while actual entities that have a track record of bombing families are never preemptively accused.

Perhaps there is a lesson here. Here’s a crazy idea! Perhaps the only way to keep from getting accused of dire deeds by religious leftwing news organizations who even now can’t bring themselves to utter the words ‘Islamic terrorists’ is to plant bombs in their studios, houses, and cars! Maybe Tom Brokaw could talk about how the poor Tea Party members felt all bullied (I do! I do!) by the news organizations and felt they had no other recourse. CNN could talk about how it was the work of a lone small-government extremist and had no connection with the Tea Party nationwide.

That’ll never happen. They (leftwing religious news organizations) are on the other side. And that’s some fucking shit.

*So has the U.S. government; i.e., Waco and Ruby Ridge.

Update: DAMNIT, I HATE it when the computer doesn’t keep up with my typing (i.e., the headline) and letters are omitted and I do not notice.

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